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Join us this Thursday and we'll help you Pimp Your Gig! [ARCHIVED]


Thursday, March 7th 2013 we’ll be sitting at our computers from 12pm-2:00pm EST (9am-11am PST) to help you Pimp your Gigs! What does this mean? You send us a Gig you want to Pimp up and our panel will reply with tips to make your Gig stand out.

The panel will include Nicky and Danielle from the Editorial team, Natalie and me (Kevin).

How do you submit your Gig?

Easy! Comment below with your Gig URL.

If you don’t have a Gig to Pimp, you can come out to share your tips with others.
Also did we mention the surprise giveaways?! :slight_smile:

The sooner you start submitting, the better chance of getting your Gig pimped.
Start tweeting and keep your eyes peeled on the Fiverr Forum this Thursday!

See you all there!!


Please pimp my gig! Thank you for such a great opportunity!


Its great fiverr



For webdesigners, I convert PSD to HTML or Wordpress at very low price. This is my most successfull gig with highest feedback and rating. I really like the idea of fiverr about pimp. Please help in achieving next level with this gig -





here is mine:



Great to hear that keep going guys


yeah…pimp me


Hello Fiverr Team!!! Great thing the pimp and i have one top notch gig without any promotion or orders hope it goes well here


This is my Gig :

Help me out buddy :smiley:


i am here for u


thanks for this great job, my url is


please pimp my gig! thank you :smiley:


Below is the link of my gig



If you can only submit one, well I already did, but if you can possibly submit two, then I need help with this one also. I know I need to do a video, I just haven’t had the time lately, but aside from a video of Auntie Babushka reading, what else can I do for this?


Hi, Fiverr Admin! help me pimp these gigs… and perhaps my store! :smiley:

educational gig:



its awesome!!!


This is amazing offer !!

Please help me with this one … :slight_smile:


i love fiverr concept so much.guys please pimp me up now.thanks


Great! :smiley: