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Joined 17 days ago, no orders yet, any tips/ideas

Hello Everyone,

I’ve joined 17 days ago and since then I hadn’t any orders yet. I wonder how long can it take to have the first order.

I mean, with so many products already available with orders and good reviews (level 2 and so on), my gigs will never appear on anyone search, and even if they do, noone probably will want to be the tester of a recent gig and prefer to go with the already proven working gigs.

I think I have good gigs adn could be a choice for someone, but I’m little afraid I would be another leaf (even if a good one) lost in the jungle…

Here’s my GIGs:

Also, can anyone tell if the “Buyer Requests” really works? I.e., you send your offer to your request and will be selected by that buyer?


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just wait a little more

Yes, wait a little more, use your time to improve on your skills and learn more especially does task that are still hard for you, learn and improve on them , stay on the buyers request and always refresh it. When you bid for an offer be very constructive and sound like you know what you do. Keep your rates low for now. Best of luck

The HOTTEST question is “How newbies can get the Orders” ?

And I would say that to First update your gigs upto some standards. And you might be curious what are those standards? So here is the list below:

1: Well researched and well written gig title, SEO based title, relevant tags, description and selection of the keywords that you are going to select for your gig matters alot.

2: The images that you are going to select for the GIG must be of “High Quality” and should not be taken by searching from Google and you must not violate copyright in this step. Fiverr takes very serious action about copyright issues.

3: You need to showcase some original and best quality work in the gig as portfolio samples.

4: You must have to select realistic and best possible affordable gig packages based on the market prices which can be checked by looking under the same category gigs. Buyers should see a real value for the money they are going to spend on your gig. And show them why they should select you over other experienced sellers. You must have something unique in offering which will help you standout from the competition.

5: Regularly keep an eye on the views, impressions and clicks of the gig. If your impressions and views are not increasing and keep going down, there must be something wrong with your gig description, SEO title, tags and keywords that you have used in your Gig. Try to update them and better optimize them according to best searched keywords in your category.

Please try to think from the perspective of a buyer. Like if he is going to purchase your gig or not and why would he purchase your Gig than others. Buyers who spend even a single dollar need some quality output and you have to prove that your service is their need.

By every passing day lot of new people are joining Fiverr. So, you can definitely see competition is increasing for each and every service on Fiverr and you have to compete with some unique approach.

Buyer Requests are like a gear in the car which you can use to push yourself entered into the market. So, buyer requests are definitely useful and helpful to get the order for newbies but please note that the patience is the key.

Selling something online is not that easy, but I believe if you properly spend some time on thinking best possible strategies and setup your services with some quality checks, surely you will get the orders.