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Joined a week ago but i am delighted to be here

I joined around a week ago and i am still learning how to grow your business here but in these 7 days, i have got some 7- 8 orders and in conversations with many others.

(I dont know how people here rate it but for me its a good start).

Also it feels good when your buyers give you five star rating or tells you that you did your job good.

I would say it is the best place for professionals like me who can work from home and earn some money too.

Looking for the level 1 badge to appear soon on my page.

Congratulations on a great start here on Fiverr!

Congrats :slight_smile:

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Thanks man,You are a level 2,can you give me some advice how to grow your business more efficiently??

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Thank you.Do visit my gigs and let me know if i can be a help to you…:slight_smile:

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My first bit of advice… be patient. You’ve only been on Fiverr for eight days. It takes time to get a Fiverr career off the ground. Myself, I’ve been here for six months, but it took me all of those six months to get to level 2. Have great gigs with unique services, and always provide top-notch service to anyone that purchases from you. Good customer service builds relationships, and relationships lead to repeat customers, customer loyalty, and a strong reputation that grows your success.

Also, be sure to promote your gigs elsewhere online. Don’t rely on only the Fiverr search system to be your sole source of traffic and sales. Promote your gigs where your potential customers are. Bring them to your gigs, and then offer them great customer service! That way, if your gigs drop in the search results, you still have traffic coming into your gigs from elsewhere.

Your gigs are your business – your job. Always think like a businessman: promote, market, and plan. The more determined you are, the better your potential success can be.

And whenever things are not working out the way you want them to with your gigs, reassess what you’ve been doing, and come at the situation from a fresh new angle. If that means removing one gig, and replacing it with another, don’t hold yourself back. Keep working, keep experimenting. You are the only person that can build the kind of success your want to achieve!

Myself I Joined 3 months ago but only started creating gig a week ago so far sold one gig…Happy to be here.Hope God helps me…

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Thanks a lot for your advice.I will surely try to follow the things you wrote.

I understood what you said.I saw your page and i must said its awesome.

Do visit mine and it would be great if i get your review about it.

Thanks anyways…:slight_smile:

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Best of luck simon for your future gigs.

As jon said,be patient and work hard,you will surely get results…:slight_smile:

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Your Fiverr profile page looks great. You have a good collection of gigs. I would recommend, though, that you remove your Amazon reviews gig – that is against the rules of both Amazon and Fiverr. Fiverr is deleting any gigs having to do with Amazon reviews. They’ve also deleted entire Fiverr account for the same reasons, so it’s probably best not to post any gigs of that nature.

Also, in most countries, you could get in trouble for doing other people’s homework. Homework should always be done by the student, that’s how students learn. :wink:

Aside from those two gigs, though, I think you’re off to a great start here on Fiverr!

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Sure jon,I will edit my page right now.

When i joined fiverr,i saw people demanding for it and thought that it is allowed on fiverr.Thanks…:slight_smile:

Thank You Friend:)