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Joined Fiverr 3 days ago, more than 50 views and No Order Till Now :-(

What I am doing in a wrong way that no order have been placed in the last three days :frowning: There are about more than 50 views and 48 clicks on my gigs. THANKS A LOT! :(( :((

Those numbers seem pretty normal, so don’t give up just yet! Many gigs require hundreds of clicks until a sale occurs. But like kjb said, you should optimize the gigs so that they are different than the rest. Give more for the same price and promise lots of freebies and bonuses. Like 2 for the price of 1. May not be as profitable for you, but it’s important that you get the first few reviews to make people trust your gig.


I Do Agree With You adsensewizard :slight_smile:

But Fiverr demands at least 10 sales in the first month to qualify for level 1 :((

Now I am worried whether I will manage to sale 10 gigs in 30 days or not !!!

Thanks for boosting up my Confidence!

You don’t have to make the 10 sales “in” the first 30 days. It can take many months for some sellers to make 10 sales, and they get level 1. Be patient, you’re not going to get rich in a week on Fiverr, if ever. :slight_smile:

Hi Motion…

I have obtained my first order 3 months after i become Fiverr seller. Therefore, keep calm and try to do things better.

Try to be original in your gig, i think this is the secret. And also, try to fit your keywords inside the text “i will … keywords … for 5$”. I think this is the best way to be indexed. Also if your gig has subcategories try to be present where there are less people. It’s based on my experience, but the most important is what kind of image you offer to your clients. Try to be very professional in all your communications and don’t think only in money, think in give the best service.

I wish you good business.


Yes it does take time, and lots of views.

I have some Gigs that come thru at about 5% of clicks order (very good)

Others that come thru at well under 1%, but I get more orders per month on these.

And it is never even. I might go a few days with slow sales, then get swamped the next few days.

Key for me is responding quickly to messages. It gets the most orders. I try to respond in under 15 minutes to every message. Since I have the app on my phone, that works well.

1.always respond to the buyer request.

2. you dont have to complete your first 10 order in just one month its not necessary you can complete your order in 6 months. you will get to level one when you will have 10 completed order will low cancellation rate.

Reply to @odbtec: Thanks A Lot Odbtec!!!

By the way,What do you mean by ‘‘LESS PEOPLE’’ ? :slight_smile: And how would I know the exact number of people selling gigs under a particular category?

Once Again Plethora of Thanks for your Suggestion.

Reply to @orcatek:

Thanks a lot Orcatek for your kind suggestion! :slight_smile:

Is there any app to get alerts from what’s going on my Fiverr Account??

Reply to @abidagfx: Thanks for your suggestion!

Reply to @motiondreamer:

Yes there it is. Works good too.

Reply to @motiondreamer: Hi… You need to search your gig. For instance, in my case i do things in Autocad. Well, people normally type in search box “autocad”. Then it appears a results page and at the left side a list of subcategories. In this list appears the quantity of sellers that are indexed on each categorie. Less people implies less sellers on that categorie. Therefore if you are present on that categorie you will have less competitors. You always have to prepare your gig thinking as a client ant what he can and how search info.

I hope it will be useful for you!!