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Joined fiverr 6-7 but have completed only one order


Its been 6-7 months I have joined fiverr. But I have completed only one order. I a not receiving any orders. I have three gigs, logo designing. business card designing and website designing. Maybe buyers can not see my Gig? or what is the problem? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Why do you assume that there is a problem with your gigs when you aren’t gaining any sales? Fiverr is a highly competitive marketplace. The services that you are offering are the exact same services that thousands of other sellers are offering. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to present your services in a way that get noticed.

Also, keep in mind that just because you have gigs here on Fiverr, does not mean that you will have sales. Fiverr does not guarantee sales just because you offer your services here on Fiverr. If you want more sales, you’re going to have to go out and find them. We call that process, “marketing”.

Be willing to work hard to market and promote your gigs. No work = no sales. :wink:


I’ve just clicked on your profile and it says that you don’t have any gigs. It is going to be really tough to gain orders with no gigs. There are so many ways that (with gigs) you can market your services to gain a foothold in your highly competitive area of work.

You should offer something different to the rest of the market. Specialisms work incredibly well on Fiverr, but people just don’t use them.


@homeestates can you please send me a screenshot of my profile or can you tell me how I view my profile as other see it? Because I have 3 active gigs…
(screen shot attached )


There are 3 gigs showing now, but when I looked earlier, there were none. Strange.

None of these gigs are different to what you can find in hundreds, if not thousands, or places on Fiverr. Try to capture what makes you unique.


@homeestates Can you please provide link to any unique gig as samples on fiverr?? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Share on your gig more & more different types of social media.


Thank you… really appreciated :slight_smile:


Do you use all your 10 offers daily?


@saad_nagi I don’t see much buyer request to use my offers. So I have never used all my 10 offers. :frowning:


Its now been two weeks, no orders yet… Buyer requests are not there for the service I am providing.


Well, you really should. You simply can’t start from zero without using them. They REALLY are extremely helpful to build yourself up against others by getting others. And going by your gigs, there are a lot of requests that pop around daily. So go for 'em. :slight_smile:


Your doing very well!

But, try editing your gigs. There is some grammar errors in your titles. Your gig images are very bland as well so try making some that make people want to click! Also you REALLY need samples. You have a gig where you will create a website but why would someone choose you when you have no real samples when other sellers have made hundreds and can show their work? Hopefully this helps you improve and get some more work!


@zoedesigns Thank you. I will try to improve. :slight_smile: really helpful.


@saad_nagi Here is a screen shot of my buyer requests page. How I can offer when I see no related requests. and on the top left corner, it says there are 12 requests but I can see only 5. and not even one is related. Should I ask Fiverr support for help?


Yes I think you should


@zoedesigns Rep0rted yesterday, But no reply yet.


The thing is when it comes to logo designing, you need to be spot on with your banner and gig images. The buyer won’t even bother to click on your gig if you have such a simple banner active. Make sure you have something vibrant and sophisticated on your Gig so buyers can really take a liking to your work in the brief seconds they’re scrolling down the pages…


@omernadeem Thank You. I will try… :slight_smile:


I am a writer, but don’t just have a gig that says ‘I will write for you…’ because there are thousands of people out there that do the same.

I have specialisms such as real estate. football, retail that I write about so I also have gigs that state ‘I will write about property, real estate, football, etc’

These get me a lot more hits than the simple one that everyone else on Fiverr is promoting.