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Joined Fiverr 7 months ago and this is what happened!

I completed 11 filming projects and I became a Level One Seller.
4 clothing brand commercials, 1 bicycle commercial, 1 commercial for a posture vibrating device, 3 music videos, 1 video for a non-profit organisation, and 1 commercial I had to film in Norway for 5 days for an app developer (best experience) So stop believing in those negative YouTube videos about Fiverr guys.This platform is absolutely great for freelancers and whoever says the opposite is WRONG! Invest your time into creating your gigs properly, be patient and you will succeed!
Now I need 39 more orders to become a Level Two Seller.
Wish me luck.LOVE YOU ALL!
Alex Mitar


That’s awesome man. I’m a growing video editor too working for smaller projects. Keep the good vibe.

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Good for you…congratulations

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Congratulations man. More success coming your way

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