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Joined Fiverr Recently, Need Help

Professional video editing starting at $15
Still no views or clicks after 1 week :frowning:

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be patient buddy, keep trying. your time will come. don’t loose hopes just yet.
wishing you best of luck! :+1:

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Thankyou So much man

At this time of year, I’m not sure how many organic views you’re going to get…

But, most sellers start by replying to the bids on Buyer Requests. Doing this helps them get reviews and orders so they’re rated higher by Fiverr’s algorithm.

Just a warning: Buyer Requests are usually used by buyers asking for work at ridiculously low prices. But the reviews do build trust with other buyers who’ll stumble on your gig and will feel at ease when ordering.

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Just a quick heads up – The word “Professional” is misspelled in your introduction video. That’s going to be a BIG red flag to people checking out your gig.

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Oof, thanks i’ll change that