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Jonesboro Tornado

On March 28th, I had the unwelcome privilege of having nearly gone through a tornado. In the wake of the devastation around me, I can honestly say I have even more respect for the power and destruction Mother Nature can bring than I already did.

If you live in the U.S., chances you have heard about this devastation. Our mall was completely destroyed. The tornado formed right over the Magic Touch on Caraway Rd., hit Gateway Tire, took out the Post Office, struck Academy Sports, Cheddars (missing the bank I do business with), crossing Red Wolf, and striking Kirkland’s, PetSmart and a couple of other stores.

If it had kept on this trajectory, there is no doubt that my house would have taken a direct hit. We could see it form on the weather camera and ARDot camera and others in the area. I knew it was going to be bad. I got the kids downstairs and under the stairs. Got the FIL back in the house and woke the husband up and got him into the closet too.

With the guinea pigs in the closet with us (wasn’t really too concerned about the hamster, to be honest), I was waiting for the tornado to strike us. Thankfully, it changed its course and hit the mall instead. This is a mall that would have been PACKED on any other Saturday but thanks to the Covid-19 outbreak, the mall was closed except for those doing business from the outside. The houses behind the mall were not as lucky. The airport and a factory are totaled and the homes after hilltop were hit.

Thankfully, physically, I am okay. Mentally, I’m not quite sure just yet. Needless to say, the time I was in the closet, people were calling me, they knew it was headed right in my direction. After I got off the phone with one best friend, hearing the tornado go over us (or so I thought), I thought to myself, Well, crap… my laptop is upstairs.

Now, the funny stuff you think of in the face of death, and that was mine. I’m thinking it’s because I had work on my computer for clients and I’d been working hard to get articles done for them. Needlessly to say, Jonesboro residents have been grateful that nobody was killed or seriously injured. If the mall had been open, I know I, my kids and thousands of others would have been in that mall.

Crazy to thank a virus for keeping us all at home, but that’s what many of us have done. If not, the death toll would not have been at zero!

As it stands, I have no Internet. Right now, I am jumping on here with hotspot via my phone but can’t do much else with it. Thankfully, my clients are understanding. I am close to getting done with these two projects and hopeful by the end of the week, the Internet will come back on.

In the meantime, y’all stay safe!


I’m so glad you are safe with your family intact! I hadn’t heard about it but I don’t see the news usually.

It is funny how things turn out. I was saved last year by a threat of a hurricane which made me move into a very well constructed hotel, right as I was about to die from someone mixing ammonia with bleach and not knowing about it. I probably would have died from that if I hadn’t moved out to a hotel when I did. I didn’t realize for a week why I was unable to breath every time I entered the house.

I’m glad you shared that experience with us and so thankful it turned out as it did for you.