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Im an expert in Joomla & Wordpress frameworks, i can install for you the latest version with the sql and ftp details you provide, also i can help you with some tips about these awesome content managers. If you need a fix, please send a message first to talk about the problem.

My rating speaks of my work.

Joomla ->

Wordpress ->

Cya around 5rs!


I had to go to the Google god to find out what Joomla is. Good luck with your gigs and keep up the great work


hawkthalas I will message you - I need to see what you can do in terms of templates in Wordpress. Will send message!! Nice to meet you. :-SS


Reply to @lparziale: I can help you w.r.t templates :slight_smile:


So just a head up for all you WordPress Fiverr Sellers… Fiverr has decided to eliminate WordPress Category out completely. So till they do, make sure that you don’t make an update on your Fiverr Gig or it will get Denied. Since they have unofficially Denied my Gigs because of Trademark and then when I ask them about it. I am told that they are getting rid of the WordPress Category.


Reply to @wptazdesign: wow fiverr must been getting some grief about tradmark issues. No more reviews, now wordpress. Smh.