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Joseph Miccolis | Pro Word Editor With A Question

Hello All, I am eager to know your impression of my profile to see what enhancements could be made to attract orders. It seems my gigs receive clicks though am I not seeing something that is a turn off or issue? Thank you.

Hi there!

I think that you don’t have to have a separate gig for each word count. You could easily just use gig packages for those, and then custom orders for larger orders.

Also, your profile is the first I’ve seen on Fiverr to use the third person. There’s the possibility that some might find it a little bit unwelcoming, though that’s just my perception.

Your profile is quite odd. “Joseph Miccolis provides virtual proofreading and editorial support throughout the world. All orders are completed by Joseph Miccolis,” - lol wut.

Is that you in the photo? I would change it xD

Also, why do you offer 10 of the same gig? And why do 10.000 words cost 10 times more than 1000? Nobody will buy in bulk, then.

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I’ve considered your thoughts and think it’s most sensible to have only a 1,000 word gig. This way all work can be estimated around the same completion time at low cost.

I can tweak the description to first person and see if it yields a difference. I can also tweak the description so the second sentence focuses on fast-pace service with early delivery.

Thank you.