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Journey to get my first customer!

Hey everyone!

I joined fiverr 17 days ago and since then I have been working hard to get my first customer, I know that it won’t be easy but please guys wish me luck and pray for me.

Here is a link to my first gig, would be nice if you guys gave me feedback on how to improve it, I only published the gig 4 days ago.

Best regards


Hi @nancyelsayed

In your profile why you have only 2 gigs? make more gigs on your best skills. Also send 10 buyer request everyday. :smiley:


First you are welcome Nancy on fiverr forum :hugs:

  • I think you can trying create new gig with this new title
    " I Will Create Powerpoint Presentation "
  • Because the short URL rank better on Google SERP
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@cherboub Thank you for letting me know, I will do that!

Okay thanks @rushabh2311 but I don’t know how to send buyer requests?

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You can try this: