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Judge My Art And Help Me Imporve?


I’m wondering if my art’s not up to snuff? Seems like even when I underbid myself (sorry, I know that’s not good, but I just had to get two emergency root canals, so I’ll take whatever I can get) I’m not getting any buyers? On my last site I did great! Lots of people commissioned me and I was charging $60+ for what they needed. Now I can’t even get a $5 gig that would realistically cost a real artist $100.

My ghost writing seems to be getting some hits and I’m not even advertising it anywhere.

So let me know your thoughts?

Here’s a link to my stuff. Let me know. Thanks!


Logo creation is literally the most over-saturated gig on fiverr right now. You could be a Ferrari and you are in a sea of other cars just hoping to be seen. You’ll need to really market yourself every day until you start getting some return buyers.


Are you saying that it’s not my art, it’s just the over-saturation? Well that’s good!

Yeah, I was aware of that, but jeez, with how much I submit to buyers and not hearing anything back for almost a month now, again for major big projects and still give them the lowest price, I thought maybe just my stuff is just too crappy.

Thanks for the reply!


Uh, have you deleted the illustration gigs in the past 13 hours? Writing is the only service I see on your profile.


I took it down. I realized if I wasn’t going to get the cheapest gigs, I’m not going to land then bigger ones and I really hate underselling myself.


not having any patience will sink you, here. NOTHING is quick about starting as a seller here, it takes time and patience to build up your business until it’s well-established.