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Judgement: do you think this is right or wrong?


A buyer placed an order with me for a flyer. I deliver him the flyer but he is not happy with it saying it’s not enough “attention grabbing”, so I redo the graphic. I redo it seven times, and deliver him seven different graphics as I try to go above and beyond to meet his requirements (I always strive for a good relationship with all my buyers, even the extremely picky ones that purchase a $5 gig but expect $500 results.)

So I have delivered seven, high res. graphics (see attached) all in accordance with my gig description - and now he demands a refund. Refunding after the work has been done means the buyer gets the work or free (in this case not just one but seven entities) and the seller gets nothing.

I feel that it comes down to personal taste which is not valid reason for rejection, cancellation, or negative feedback as per Fiverr’s policy.

But what do you think? What should I do?


He is rejecting due to personal taste, which is not allowed by Fiverr. Take snapshots of the work and communication, and send it to Customer Support. (The article does not address negative feedback due to personal taste - but that’s not the issue here.) You should be allowed to reject his refund. :slight_smile:


I also think they look eye catching and considering I’ve provided him seven or eight graphics, all original (non watermarked, meaning he can use them if he so wishes) whilst my gig includes only one graphic, I do believe I’ve done my work so it would be highly unjust to cancel and refund.

I have rejected his cancelation but he requested a cancelation once again, which I have now rejected after reading your response.

CS says: "So we may review further, please let me know were exactly did you noted that they were against our Terms of Services."

I think it’s pretty obvious or do I really suck at expressing myself in english? I have attached my explanation to CS so please review if you have the time and effort and let me know if I need to change the way I communicate (english is not my mother language)


Also, I’ve tried the “Resolution Tab” in the order, but I get this message:

Got it.

I see that you delivered this order. Since you are here, I’m calculating that there is trouble completing it. You should wait for the buyer to review your order. If the buyer does not review the order, it will be marked as completed in 1 day.

Should I WAIT to contact CS or is there a chance they will cancel the order without contacting me first on buyers request?


Reply to @kjblynx:

I think you misunderstood me. If I want to offer unlimited revisions, then why shouldn’t I? The problem is not making revisions. I don’t mind making revisions for Gig C - the problem is when I make revision after revision to guarantee outstanding work adn then the buyer still wants to cancel just to get a free product.

Ie in the example above. This guy did not ask for more revisions after the 7th or 8th delivery - he just wanted to cancel and get a refund, but first after he was given the graphics.


Reply to @kjblynx: Hi, sorry for the late reply.

CS doesn’t seem to be willing to assist as I submitted a ticket 9 days ago and I’m still waiting for a response.

The order had been cancelled by the buyer and the cancellation went through - because during the time my account was hacked and restricted, I had no access to it, and couldn’t deny the cancellation. If I’m not mistaken we are given three days to respond. My account was restricted and de-activated for four days, and upon logging in, I saw that the order had been cancelled and I had lost the $40.

This is sour as you can imagine as I do believe I delivered seven+eight high quality adverts/flyers and I am convinced that the buyer will use them all.

It’s extremely unfair as I didn’t even get the opportunity to deny the cancellation. First my account gets hacked and I lose over $100, and as if that wasn’t enough, orders that have been delivered according to my gig descriptions get refunded meaning I’ve been doing free work.

The worst part is that CS hadn’t gotten back to me and it’s been 9 days.


This is a very interesting situation. When I first started using Fiverr I would provide the high-res version of my illustrations. But I soon go stung. Now I send low-res versions and tell my clients that is they want the full artwork that I would like feedback or for them to mark the work as completed.

I know it sounds harsh and maybe sounds like blackmail, but I haven’t had any complaints.

If they want major revisions I also get them to draw out what it is they want. Just a rough sketch will do and any reference.

the selling point is; they get exactly what they envisaged.

I am learning more and more that Fiverr favours the buyers when it comes to revisions / feedback / rejections. As a seller there isn’t a lot we can do but revise the work until the client is happy. Or not, in this case. It’s a shame.

I just take every gig on it’s own merits. It’s a small number of clients which cause problems. The majority are awesome.


For what it’s worth, I think your designs look great! Sounds like the buyer is trying to get more work out of you for free.

If I had ordered those flyers I would’ve been happy with any one of them.

Hopefully this will work out in your favor.


hey, you delivered 7 very good flyers, tell him that you do not accept refunds and you shouldn’t accept refunds. there are many people here that just bully the sellers to get free stuff and this is unacceptable. in fact he is meant to pay you more.