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July 10th Poll - Meetups!

After taking last week of (Happy Birthday USA), we return with a new forum poll this week!

Have you ever attended a Fiverr sponsored event or meet up?

  • Yes - Love them, want more of them
  • Yes - Once, not really for me
  • No - But I would if there were one in my area
  • No - not interested at all

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I helped to found a community where I live, and it is an amazing experience. I live in the D.C. area. I suggest that if you do not have one in your community, start one by contacting Fiverr. It is somewhere on the website how to contact the community group. If they can not help, do a meetup. Well worth it.


I’d love to start one near me!


Networking is so important!
I would definitely join a Fiverr meetup. Maybe once I return to that side of the world!


no but i wish to join :slight_smile:


Do it! You will not regret it!


I wasn’t aware Fiverr held such meets. Why didn’t I know. I would absolutely love to attend if it’s somewhere near I live. Looking forward to it.

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I’ve been here over 4 years, and just hear this the first time :frowning:

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Most of the time Fiverr doesn’t hold them, you do in your community. There is a community team at Fiverr who will assist you in getting started (and they are great).

Anybody can start one in their community (unless I’m missing something).

I’m one of the people doing events in Los Angeles, and there are other LA groups (because it’s a huge city).

Happening all over… and if not in your area, start one!

Suggestion: Check out the other “Events” where this poll is located and see if anybody else in your area is already doing it. If not then start one yourself, and post yours in the “Events” section. It can start small, then grow. Here in LA, we are having a blast at ours (plus being very productive).


I wish i could join that…

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Come to Barcelona! :smiley:


I haven’t heard of any Fiverr events in Eastern Europe. Are there any chances of such events ever happening here?


That’s so cool! If you can’t join the change, be the change! :slight_smile:
I would absolutely love to initiate one such event in my area, since none take place. Looking forward to it. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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I suspect there are some, but I have no idea.

That said, YOU can start one if you wish… There are “official” Fiverr events occasionally, but I know the Fiverr team is working hard to have the community events grow too.

Those are organized and run at the local level. I don’t work for Fiverr, I just am one of the people involved in the Los Angeles group.

It does provide an interesting perspective when you meet others working to grow their business too. It can be informal (meeting next week at XXX location) or in our case, we have settled on the 3rd Thursday of each month.

But that is how we want to do it, you might do it once every other month, or twice a month.

Don’t wait for someone else to make it happen, you do it! (Just suggesting… your call.)


Apply to start a community here:


From where we can get news that any event is going to held. Are these event are online ?

Just love this idea! Will get more familiar with the process of organizing meetups and will definitely give it a try here!

#Let’s Celebrate here!

Night View at Nanga Parbat Pakistan

I think a lot of the Fiverr users in my area saw how well I was doing and decided “me too,” so I’ve probably met a lot of them, lol. Totally kidding. I know several Fiverr users but I’m sure there are a ton more around here.