July 24th Poll - What do you do?


What else do you do besides working on Fiverr?

Please check all the apply: i.e. you could fall into the Full time Job + part time freelancer answers.

  • Full time freelancer
  • Part time freelancer
  • Full time job (not freelancing)
  • Part time job (not freelancing)
  • Full time “stay at home” caregiver (child/childern or adult)
  • Part time “stay at home” caregiver (child/childern or adult)
  • Other - Let us know in comments!

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Not sure how to answer. I do freelance writing and illustration but I also blog, sell things online, babysit along with complete odd jobs online.


Besides Fiverr I do explainer videos, 3D animation and VFX for several clients. I also sell CG assets.


I am a full time freelencer


I guess it’s settled :smiley: Nothing shocking, though - was to be expected :stuck_out_tongue:


I trade currencies sometimes but trying to be a full time freelancer here.


Weatting for its result.


I am doing part time job besides freelancing. I always like variation.


I am a full time university student, while also working part time as a receptionist. My fiverr work is a helpful additional income and “part time” job.


yes i like this post.


Hello, sir.
I am a full-time freelancer. Thank you.


I am a full time freelencer. Wordpress developer


full time freelaancer


For now part freelancer ( I design supercool logo) but I will like to quit my job asap and become a fulltime freelancer.


Stay at home caregiver for… a cat! She has liver disease.


I am a full-time freelance voice over artist, working in both English and Spanish. Fiverr accounts for about 25% of my work…the rest is from established clients both here in Mexico and in other countries.
Fiverr has given me the chance to expand, and try my hand at different niches within the voiceover industry, like audiobooks and even animation voices. It’s definitely broadened my horizons and I look forward to growing with it.

I wish you all success and send warm, humid greetings from Cancun!



Full time freelancer, full time job but hoping to be just freelancing soon enough :slight_smile:


I teach English in Korea full time. Fiverr is just a little extra bonus money :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I am a fulltime freelancer, currently at highschool. I am looking for employment but am hoping to be able to make some cash on here so that I can start to save up for University and other life experiences