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July Review and Plans for August

Friends and Fellow Do-ers,

We are entering a new month - need to see how our July was and see what we can do to improve our sales in August.

July, for me personally was a flat month. I did almost as much as June. I was hoping for growth - but the revenue flat lined.

My Mantra for August:

  • Relook into the pricing (add new extra to earn that extra revenues)
  • Focus on Gig where clients are sticky (future revenues)

This is done with the usual effort of bidding etc.

Also, what I am looking at is that Fiverr is now promoting more of Pro gig (did you notice a new link on top - specific for pro). This is something, that need to see how I can still improve much on the platform.

Any ideas on the on Us vs Pro - as to how we can ensure that we also earn our fair share of revenues.


That sounds more than a little combative.

I’m sure the last thing Fiverr wanted was for sellers to be ‘fighting’ amongst themselves.


My MO at present is to try and acquire locks of competing Pro seller hair. After that, I’ll slowly annihilate each one using black magic.

My July was flat like yours. Thankfully, Fiverr is rent money and everything after that is spare cash. Last year saw me attempt to counter huge sales drops with turbocharged marketing. It didn’t work. What did work was paying for promotion on another site and getting direct sales there. In this case, I don’t have any plan for Fiverr for August. If I get orders, I get orders. If not, it’s not really a big deal. I just feel sorry for all those people missing out on my absolutely incredible services. :slight_smile:


That’s a good idea maybe I can run an FB Ads and get traffic to my Gig on Fiverr. Let’s see if I can increase my sales :smile: with FB Ads coming to fiverr.

I was always supporting “Pro” service of Fiverr - it get quality clients to marketplace. Which helps sellers like me who are into quality services (rather then cheap services).

But - if Fiverr is going to be making that extra effort towards “Pro” - I think this is not fair. There are TRS who have worked hard on the platform to earn that - even they are left out and New Pro Sellers get a bigger exposure on the platform.

Let’s see if new initiatives of fiverr can get in more High Paying customers to their website - if yes it will be great - but if the current eco-system where current customers are diverted to Pro - it effects all the sellers.

In that case, please do ask Fiverr directly.

To ask other non-Pro sellers what their opinion is regarding Pro sellers is distasteful - it’s like talking about somebody behind their back, when they’re actually right in front of you. Pro sellers (quite rightly) use the forum as well.


I have always been upbeat about Fiverr Pro program. It’s a good move to get in Pro Sellers - which helps to get in Buyers who are willing to spend a lot more, which helps us. Until now - it was a Win-Win for all of us.

Also, I didn’t mean to sound distasteful. I was just ranting - not trying to talk behind anyone’s back. Just a general concern - that as normal sellers we should not be forgotten.