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July Sales Slump

Hey, has anyone noticed a substantial sales slump in July? This is completely expected, everything winds down by the end of June (people have already been discussing this on the forum), but it’s interesting that this time, the same coincides with the introduction of the Pro category. I wonder why it’s launch took place in the “down” season and was it supposed to spice up things for this period (for me at least, the opposite happened and sales dropped drastically).

What’s your take on this and your general summer sales experience?

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I would never consider certain months better than others just because I’ve always experienced otherwise.

Sometimes when it’s a great month for one particular seller, it has been dry for me.

Do I know for sure that the summer months are slower? I’m not sure - people sell in the Winter, Summer, Fall and Spring!

That’s my take :slight_smile:

Great to hear that you don’t have this experience, but the so-called summer slump is a widely-recognized thing in practically any business. The summer months are the time when most people who can take a holiday chose to do so, meaning less time at home and less spending before and after it (on average) - this simply relates to fewer customers being around and those who are become less likely to buy things (on account of some of them saving for their holiday). Being that 88% of humanity lives in the Northern Hemisphere, summertime here should present a slowing-down of everything that is not a specialized business (if you make swimsuits, the summer slump probably doesn’t apply then :smiley: )