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July scary super slow month

July has been unusually slow for me. Probably the least amount of orders since I started back in 2017. I’m averaging at a bare minimum 2k a month and more. If it wasn’t for a very lucky strike in the Buyer Request section, I would be at a few hundred bucks this month. Is there any significant algorithm changes that you know of…are you seeing the same thing?


There are algo changes and changes to everything from gig page layouts to how sellers are demoted from levels.

However, it is also July which in retrospect, has always been my slowest month. I learned this lesson in 2017 when I moved into a pricier apartment and suddenly found myself unable to pay the rent because of low orders.

All you can do is use the time to think about ways to expand what you offer or up your game. This morning I self taught myself how to use a Linux version of AutoCAD to make architect mockups. I probably won’t create a gig for that, but it was a nice new potential skill to put in the bag.


This was also the case for a Top Rated Seller friend of mine for the month of July. So we are definitely not alone. Great advice by the way too :slight_smile: To your success!

Low can be relative…but the truth is, for me, sales are not good this month…at all.

Our month was going pretty well, and then we got moved up to TRS at the middle of the month. It was like someone flicked the off-switch for us. It was if all our gigs had been paused (they definitely haven’t)

We’re doing lots of proactive things to try and improve the situation, and we know it will pick up, but this last week has been a ghost-town in both our orders and our inbox.

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It’s not about sells down or new skills… I feel, It’s all about Fiverr Search flaw. They change algo, many times… and old sellers suffer to that always… only lucky guys not suffer to that…!!
Here is proof of sells down. This is my earning statics… It ruined…


What’s your completion rate, response rate and ratings at?

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Hi Will
VO’er here too .
It’s been slow since last month after the IPO. I started in 2018 and this is the first down trajectory I’ve had.
I’ve got a post out there “no sales ? Booming Economy”
I’m pretty certain that clients just ain’t out there as my position is still strong.

I’m certain now clients are just not out there.
Because I monitor my position for common keys words. If anything it’s got better.
Why I’m not sure. There’s little advertising!
Another great pondering is stats show extremely high in views. What happened did my gigs suddenly start sucking :flushed: An odd contradiction


Check out this thread. It’s widespread.

It’s shaping up to be an average month for me (in terms of upcoming earnings) BUT at the same time everyone’s so terribly slow to respond.

They’ll request a revision at the end of the third day, right when the order’s about to auto complete and the revision would be super vague so I’ll have to contact them for clarifications. And it takes them another few days to answer and it just drags and drags. I’m still at a half of my “average” monthly earnings while I have 7 orders that are either delivered or require some minor revision I have a question about.

I’m fresh off vacation and ready to work and no one seems to want to.

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I’ve never seen sales drop off like this. I would like to know the reason. I wonder if they stopped marketing for some reason due to the IPO. I don’t see what would cause it.


IPO what’s that about?

Will, fiverr became a publicly traded company and had an “initial public offering” of stock.

So maybe they had some reason for suspending marketing operations in July due to that.

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oh! I see. Have they actually cut back their marketing?

They’ve been doing quite a lot of marketing and promotion here in the UK of late. They had a major event at the London Eye a few weeks back, and a seller based here in the UK was featured in a lot of the national press back in June. The articles were more about the ‘side hustle’ thing in general, but did mention Fiverr quite a bit.

There was also a rather unfortunate Vice article that came out in the last 24 hours, suggesting that their advertising in the US has been a bit tone-deaf.

I actually think that a missed opportunity would be for the Fiverr team to use the forums to talk more about stuff like this. Features in the platform are great, but where marketing efforts are happening around the world, why not spread the word here in the forum?

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As per FY18… fiverr shown 36$M loss in account… might be going to crash

I doubt it’ll crash mind.

Losses are typical in tech start ups initially

I have the exact same situation. I started my career on July 1st, in a first 10 days got 15 five-star reviews and now I’m at the bottom of sales. No sales, gigs dropped from 1-2 pages to 4-6 pages…