July Update:Earning $5000+ and its always Getting Better!


I have noticed one thing recently, the Forum getting very frustrating! Lots of Negativity! lots of questions about no sales bad reviews , buyer/sellers problems! well. this things are pretty normal. I had few clients that i did not like, I have cancelled lots of order, got also few bad reviews! But beside that all fact., lets talk about some positive things!
I always believed when you think positive, things around you start getting positive! I have posted one topic at the begining of this year when I started earning 3k for every month , i set my Goal to reach 5k in the middle of this year! and here I am!
I have been earning between 3.5 to 4k last few months, was trying hard to reach 5k!
I have read lots of post about the month of july, sells are dropping, less orders but i just focused on my work and goal!
i know getting orders is kinda depend on luck, but as a creative person , i believe if you make something original and you love what you did, other people will love that too!
This month almost half of my sells came from my old buyers, rest of them are new! and I am pretty much sure, people who buy this month from me, they will come next month for sure! and as you can see the numbers are always adding, and so the earnings are!
you need to understand , its always about quality of work you did! i know its hard for the beginner, but dont loose hope! i have struggled few months at the beginning and was thinking to quit here, even i did! i did not come here to check my profile for almost 2 months, did not put vacation mode, when i got back, 15+ cancelled order, 2/3 of them was $150+, then i realize what mistake i have done! took 1.5 years to recover all those negative reviews! but now I am always positive and one thing I believe if you are delivering quality work,. buyer . sells, earning all will be consistent and the graph will always go up!

so guys, be positive, work hard , and always make quality original work!

best wishes for August!


Good Luck.Keep it up


Great! and keep it up! I have to cancel 2 orders during my 1st month here, same gig. So now I decided to delete that gig. Always I want to stay positive and provide super quality service to my clients! :smiley:


That’s really amazing! I have never made that kind of money on Fiverr…my average per month is much lower than that.


WAW! Congratulation man, Keep it up…


Love the positivity, congrats for the success!




Good luck my friend happy for you !


Thank you for your post! It helped me a lot! I’m a new comer and this is my new source of inspiration!


WOW, amazing performance! Keep it up :slight_smile:






Congratulations and keep it up!


I needed to hear that. keep up.


That’s really inspirational for all of us, especially in times like these where almost everyone is getting low sales. Congratulations on your achievement and thank you for motivating us all :slight_smile:


Indeed it was expository and helpful. I am new here.


Great insights @carolina_mateus. I am new here, and hoping to get $5,000 in 2 months.


@carolina_mateus great story, thank you for sharing. As a new Fiverr user, it’s great to see a success story, definitely something to aspire to! :slight_smile:


Great Motivational story! i hope you are enjoying what you are doing.


wow, great story, congratulations.