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Jumpy Clients Are Driving Me Crazy! Plus Some Technical Problems! HELP!


I have carefully stated in the description that buyers need to read careful before message me. Than I can guide them to order the right thing. But They just cannot wait to order $5 for a $100 work to be done. Skip all the details and requirements.

And now I am facing 2 clients like that at a time. I tried to send them message but it did not work, now message appeared. I am asking for support but does any one have any ideas to solve this problem?


It would help if Fiverr allowed more words in the gig add ons.


Continue to work your descriptions. It typically takes me about 100 jobs to get the gig figured out and displayed correctly. Don’t be discouraged.

You have a great voice.

I run a commercial recording studio and it took me about 5 minutes to figure out what you were offering. Most people won’t spend more than 30 seconds? That may be adding to their confusion.

You may want to test offering only 2 options in your description. Then prompt them to message you if their needs are different. Then you can offer to send a custom quote.

I dropped the $5.00 gig down to 15 seconds. I think you need to add a release to every job. This is frustrating for them to find out later that it cost more. Just adjust the price and include it on all of them.

Offer only 2 options. I will provide a lead vocal on your 15 second song without music for $5.00 or I can provide a lead vocal for a 4 minute song for $40.00. I deliver each job with a release and as a wav file. If you would like mp3 instead of wave, please request that with your initial order.

1 in 10 jobs are going to be a hassle. Build that into the cost of your gig. That way you can give the difficult jobs great customer service and not get frustrated.

If they order something outside of your offer, send a message very quickly.

It is OK to pause your order when you get overwhelmed. Take a little time to relax. It will certainly save you from being overwhelmed.

It was great to see your gig!


Reply to @landongrace: Thank you so much for your comment. It helps a lot. Could you check your inbox and see my message?


Giang Pham