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June 12th Poll - "Other" Software & Apps

There is a lot of software & apps available online to help you with project management, time tracking, invoice generation, getting paid, and more. Do you use other software to help you with freelancing? Which type do you use? What do you think of them?

Let us know in comments if you love specific software, or if you’ve tried and hated something. Don’t forget to let everyone know why too!

  • Project management
  • Task management
  • Time tracking
  • Payment software
  • Invoicing generation
  • Expenses
  • Other (let us know below)
  • I do not use any thing else besides Fiverr to manage my business

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I’ve been using custom designed (& automated) Excel spreadsheets since day 1 on Fiverr (which goes way back in early 2010).

In my spreadsheets I keep track of my buyers, all my orders and their corresponding earnings, I made my own charts, made automated statistics about everything, etc.

And I enter all the info of each order in those spreadsheets, since I received my first order on Fiverr - never stopped using Excel, and I don’t see any reason why since it’s fast, it’s a single app hence no memory consumption, and it’s become second nature to me.

P.S. I know, Fiverr already provides most of what I do in my spreadsheets, but those features came too late for me, and it’s easier to continue keeping track of everything inside Excel.


Free :clock1: TIME TRACKING utility/downloadble app:

You can find it by searching for toggl if interested.

Mod Note: Unknown link and app edited from a direct link for safety.


I use a self-hosted project-management and invoicing platform called Pancake. It makes it really easy to make professional invoices, as well as give my clients a little peek into what I am doing.

I also commonly use a piece of project management software depending on the project, especially when I work with other sellers on the same project. No real preference here.


Oh my god man!!! I am doing the same thing from the moment I got the first order. Adding up the information about the work, buyer name, earnings, even their ratings in my excel…!! This is my first priority after i complete a work successfully.


I thought of adding their ratings, too, but it seemed like overkill, so I decided not to. Although I could have used those as testimonials… too late now :smiley:


I provide custom webdesign and wordpress services and I found git version control is just best for me, I keep track of my work, versions and try new things without loosing any of my previous work :+1:


“Day one” to jot down earnings for the day ( i have a target).

Typeit4me - Its a textexpander that allows me to quickly reply to common messages.


I like invoicing software,
But i don’t provide anything related for this.


I have just started making this using platform Pancake.


Great man to software


I’ve been using a combination of apps to help with my day to day.

  1. Trello is a great task management app that helps you track anything really.
  2. Jira is a project management app that I’ve recently started using and is probably the greatest I’ve come across to date!
  3. Mint & Wave are nice apps to track expenses and manage your money. Wave doesn’t have the greatest mobile app, but it’s decent. I use the desktop app for now whenever I do need to dive into the tracking part. Mint has a really nice mobile and desktop app!

I use my mind and the traditional organized folder in Windows :smiley:
also my cell phone with the app Fiverr :slight_smile:


Pencil and paper. I’m not old school but prefer to see things right in front of me as I have a tendency to forget things if in digital format.


I love Rescue Time to help me focus and look back at where I’ve been spending my time.

I always have todoist open and that is what I use for managing my work on a day to day basis (plus I use it if I outsource bits to others). I use IFTTT to send my fiverr jobs and messages directly to todoist

Dropbox and google drive for large/multiple file transfers

Xero for invoicing/accounting


Here’s what I use:

  • Toggle to track time spent on all my work.
  • Google Spreadsheet integrated with Toggl so I can calculate pay per hour and lots of other information.
  • Trello for managing all my writing tasks.
  • HubSpot CRM for tracking possible future work and contact with clients.
  • Google Docs for all of my writing.
  • FreeAgent for invoicing, expense tracking, and payments.

Really great:slight_smile:

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