June 19th poll - Vacation


It’s the summer and that means vacation time of year for many - how many vacation mode days do you typically use in your vacation season?

  • No rest for this Doer
  • A few days (less than a week)
  • 1 week
  • 2 weeks
  • more than 2 weeks

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A True Doer should always do more than He think he can because Nothing Worthy Having, comes easy.


Edit AGAIN: Oh no, turned out not working. Can´t withdraw my vote. I´m really sorry for the mess. I didn´t realise the vote only for sellers. I thought the vote is for all users.


@mjensen415 I know plenty of sellers who avoid using vacation mode when going on vacation, and instead max out their gigs’ delivery duration while adding a notice to their gig description and instructions, letting sellers flow and processing the orders only after they come back from the real vacation.

I, myself, tend to avoid vacation mode as much as possible since I’ve had several bad experiences with it (and others I know, too), and I bet some of those “no rest for this doer” votes include sellers who extend their gigs’ duration :wink:

Maybe add an option to the poll for "I don’t use vacation mode, I just extend my gig duration"


Realistically, I could DO my gig on vacation if I wanted to. Though I’ve never really had any negative consequences from going into vacation mode as expressed by @Woofy31. Typically I will know when I’m leaving and let my regular buyers know that I’ll be away, as well as when I’ll be gone and how long I’ll be gone for. I’m planning on getting away from my hometown for a couple days this summer if I can, but I’ll likely bring a microphone and work while I’m gone as well.


I´ve ‘fiverred’ only since last October, and no vacation seasons yet, so the poll doesn´t apply to me because of the ‘typically’. But after having read so often about vacation mode affecting people, I’m torn between that and extending delivery time. The latter wouldn´t do much, though, since I have mostly repeat customers.
If vacation mode, then something between 1 and 2 weeks, so probably a combination of 1 week vacation mode and extending delivery time.
Or I’ll get a light enough laptop to take with my carry-on only bag without exceeding the weight limit and just keep doing. :thinking:

Happy summer days everyone, if vacation or no. :deciduous_tree: :house_with_garden::coffee: :palm_tree: :ocean: :partly_sunny:


What about the people who do not have a summer vacation at all ? Countries like mine? Sri Lanka ? India ? or any other Asian countries?


I have activated vacation mode several times during my exams. Never observed its effect on my gigs. Last time I went on vacation mode for a month but the orders came pouring in when I was back.

So don’t know if vacation mode hurts that much or not.


We have vacation for Eid :smiley: 3 days for festival :smiley: 1 week off from work :smiley:


So are you planning to work on Fiverr during those days or will you activate the vacation mode (or extend your order delivery time) and celebrate the occassion? :smiley:


No vacation mood :slight_smile: just not taking extra projects :slight_smile: I will celebrate in day & do little work on night time :smiley:


No work in hand so ultimately I’m in vacation mood :smile::smile::smile:


I’m agreed with you brother :smile:




I think looking at these results is pretty depressing. I get the whole concept of coffee for lunch etc but to have two-thirds of sellers not actually taking a proper holiday just seems wrong to me. I’d like to see Fiverr make some changes to allow the possibility of taking a break without it negatively affecting the seller for weeks after.

  • A seller who goes on vacation mode should be looked at favorably - after all they will come back refreshed and ready to DO more than ever and so their gigs should immediately return to their previous search positions and the lack of sales for their 2 week holiday period should not be taken into account in rankings. ie. their ranking should be assessed on the period before the holiday.
  • Having a notice on a profile/gigs stating in advance that it will be unavailable/on vacation for a certain period could actually encourage some buyers to buy immediately or stock up on stuff they need in advance.
  • Changing the “Aloha” message and being able to customize it would be so much more professional that it is ridiculous that it has not been done yet.

By making vacation mode less problematic and more professional, Fiverr would really let us DO better.

Let us DO better


Yeah, I hope they do that, continuous work is not good for health.


I bring my laptop with me when I am on vacation and I work from there. :slight_smile:


Same here!

If you set your vacation mode on, you can say goodbye to selling regularly for a while.


Hi, all!

I think the Work here is an every day full year activity. However, you need to learn to relax properly - meditation, yoga, trance techniques, family activities.