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June 26th Poll - Blog

How often do you catch up on the Fiverr blog?
Has there been a post recently that you’ve really enjoyed? If so please share in comments!

  • Every day
  • Once a a week
  • Once a month
  • Never
  • Other (please let us know below)

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I tend to binge read 10 posts every couple of months.
I enjoyed reading about @donbaarns recently as I know all about his wife and son’s success here in the past year.


i like Chris Lane 5 Unexpected Reasons Why Explainer Videos Get Results published on 6 june on fiverr blog and that’s why i use videos on my gig :slight_smile:


I go there once a week, scanning to see the best practices and being inspired by what others are doing.


I used to read the blog often but in recent months have been very active on the forums which slowed down my viewing time.

I should start again though!


I seriously never visit Blog by my own. If by chance i see a new blog update on any of the Fiverr’s Social media pages, then i visit the blog to read the interesting amd creative things.
Most of the time, i am available on Forum and if there is a very good blog, then other members share the blog there… so i just everything there.

Same here :blush: :wink:


Incidentally, I´ve read a few blog articles just yesterday but I chose ‘other’, because it´s completely random, depends totally on what else I’m doing any given day/week/month and whether I remember there is a blog or not.

This was the post I liked most from the recent ones I read:

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I try to read or check blog when there is actually something interesting to read .

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I will vote for " other " option. Because, I just check fiver home on my cellphone as well as on PC. Whenever i open up forum, i also open up and check blog+podcast. So it is probably lesslikely a month or a week just whenever i get free time!

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I actually visit the blog once a week, see if there is any update, read if something seems interesting.

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I’ll admit, I never read the Fiverr blog, sometimes I forget that there’s a blog. :grimacing:
Reading updates and such via the Community Forum is the norm.


I visit fiverr blog weekly…just go to check any new updates. thats it. If find something interesting then read it.


I’m Read Fiverr Blog EveryDay.
Its Very Interesting :+1:

I read everyday for know something new.

I rarely go to the fiverr blog. I would have to improve on this however.

I read it once a half year.

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I’m posting every day but only recently.
Last year I didn’t log once.

I used to read the blog when headlines of interesting articles were emailed every now and then, but rarely go there now - I generally need a push if that makes sense