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June Of Doom .... The Come Back!

Hi Fiverr’ss
This topic is a continuation of a thread I deleted due to getting wildly off topic. But June was the first down turn month I’ve had for sales. And I still want to hear if others have suddenly experienced a lot of drop off in June. My prices (not because of this ) were increased yesterday as I’ve been at this a year now. Everything was going pretty smooth. You may think that I’ve been cursed by the Fiverr algorithms. However my stats and position have been towards the top in the first page for ever. So what is going on ? Real tips or advice on how to overcome a sudden sales drought and be the July “come back kid” would be appreciated.


June was my best month this year.



There goes my theory that the lower sales in June were connected somehow.

My last week in June turned out to be an upturn in sales so it evened out. Out of the last six months, January was the worst, followed by June. But overall it turns out there wasn’t a drastic difference in each month. Those first three weeks in June were bad. So with the last week being good, the first week in July is looking very good since people have been leaving fewer reviews lately and the sales from the end of June are boosting up July.

Sales right now are slow again.


I really think it’s just just season market demand.
Beginning of June was slow only in sales because I had the same impressions and my gig first one on the first page. I checked and June was a slower month all past years.

But closer to the end of the month sales started picking up and I already have more than a half target profit for July.

I guess people just stop buying or buying less at the beginning of summer, travelling more or just spending this time enjoying the summer.


Not in my field, everyone wants to be a rapper in the summer. :rofl:


I admire what you do, it’s very creative and expressive. Also very original.


Absolutely right :100:, because in the winter buyers sitting in their offices > they are online > more potential orders.


What doesn’t make sense to me is my views and clicks are way up. And yet still no sales or inquiring. Who are are these people who are looking? Are they suddenly turned off by me gigs. Are they simply other Fiverr sellers checking out the gigs? I have no way of telling. I guess I just need to hunker down and have patience.

This may be helpful to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR


I have adopted some of that

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Keep in mind, Fiverr did just go public. I wouldn’t be surprised if that has brought in a LOT more people who are “just looking” on the site. They’re likely curious, and exploring the various categories to see what’s available – and how Fiverr works. Perhaps you’re seeing this kind of site interest, but lack of sales interest. :thinking:


That’s what I’m thinking, Hopefully these are potentially clients when they return from the beach.

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I think there’s a burst of “Yay, it’s Summer!” and sales fall like a rock. After that, reality sets in and people realize they still need to get things done. :slightly_smiling_face:

Personally, I don’t mind the usual slow June but this one was super-slow! That I didn’t like at all!

July seems much better. So far so good! :sunglasses:

I’m getting more inquiries, orders, and just connected with a Boston firm that wants to work with me for several projects.


My June was the best I ever had but my july has started a little slow. Hope it gets back on the pace soon.
Since I joined my gigs work like a cycle. They go up for a few month and then goes down for a few months. One of my gig is at the top of Search and other one falls on the third line. I recently created a new gig and will now work on it to get it on top. :wink:

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Exactly this. ↑↑↑

I’m off to vacation on the 8th. I’ll be probably closing up shop on the 5th because I’m very much done with going through revisions at the airport and dragging my wacom around. I’ll miss two weeks in the middle but usually, my summer is very busy. It was a huge cultural shock for me because locally business goes completely dead in July-August (and January, nothing gets done in January in slavic countries so I’m genetically conditioned to remain unbothered by slow sales until the middle of February).

Speaking of which, the end of August will mark a one year anniversary these random sales draughts I can’t explain. They seem to be random, not quite “seasonal”.

I handle them by not handling them, I guess. I can be a bit more patient with a difficult buyer or accept a project or two I’d normally decline but that’s it.

The low conversion rate is not it. In fact, from what I’ve noticed my sales slow down as my conversion goes up. I’m at around 3% and if I start hitting something crazy like 7-10%, it’s like someone turns everything down a notch.

The gig placement is not it. I once had a crazy productive month while proudly occupying the bottom of page 22. Then I had 2 dead weeks being in the 2-3 row of the first page.

More cancelations is not it. Sellers with 100% conversion rate experience the same issue.

I also had a theory that draughts could happen when a complaint is made about me (that doesn’t become a warning, hence me being unaware). I was once told I was so direct in my business emails “they’d find it unacceptable in Canada”. So, you know, maybe someone finds my conduct unacceptable every once and a while.

I have this number I consider a “good salary” and my worst month would be 70% of that. My absolute peak - 125% of that. It could probably be closer to 150% if I really wanted to make a statement but I’m blind as a bat and my ophthalmologist won’t be happy. The 70-150% is a pretty crazy margin but as long as I’m hitting it, I’m treating the draughts as random occurrences because I’m seriously out of theories at this point.


That could be it. Not to mince my words but I’ve had some real stinker cancellations. Or should I say ones I refused to cancel. Also in this month I found another seller using my samples as their own. They got demoted, maybe I’m getting some bad Kama or JU-JU
I’m very “matter of fact” with difficult arrogant people…who knows

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Also it would seem self defeating Fiverr slamming on the brakes on a gig because of a buyer after the fact being spiteful.
I’ve spoken with customer service and they tell me everything is dandy with my account of course.

Just remember there may be a slight dip again on or around American Independence Day July 4th, which basically means now and through Sunday the 7th when people travel, camp, etc.

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Your discribing me , I live in Florida and just got back from Disney.
Cant afford another trip there. Fiverr paid for that pretty much so I can’t be to fraustrated. lol

Nice progress, keep it up all the best :+1::clap::clap::clap::clap: