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June traffic drop off?


Been loving my experience here on Fiverr so far - fantastic website and staff and have been working with some great people too. Just wondered if it’s normal for a drop off in traffic / orders in June? I started in March 2014, but I can’t really compare to June 2014 as I was just getting going.

Would be good to hear from some veteran Fiverr sellers on whether it’s normal or whether it’s related to Google’s algorithm changes (something that’s affecting my music sales on other sites).



I am out and looking at other sites like Envato and have a contact there. They said some have no orders and some many orders. Specialy the new site Envato studio have the hand picked sellers to much work!

Thanks for the response! Out of interest, on Envato is your contact an author or a staff member? I ask as I know a lot of authors there are seeing massive drops in their sales, but haven’t heard much from staff on that topic (probably to prevent mass panic!).

I’ve been wondering if the drop in traffic is related to stock libraries mainly or if it is something affecting a lot of sites in general (including Fiverr)?

Hi… I don’t know in your area of work, but this month is very very slow. I commented with a client i have and he confirms that in their office also all is going slow. Maybe vacation of kids… Who knows. I try to employ this time in renewing or creating new gigs. And also I try to learn from people who knows more than me on Fiverr.

There was a thread started in the past week or so that my interest you