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Just 13 work done. Pray for me


Going slowly. But still learning from fiverr. Its amazing feeling. Please pray for me to achieve my goal.


Congrats , we have both made the same number of sales but your total income is higher. I hope we get to our target soon.


Finger cross. :slight_smile:


thats quick growth, congrats!


Congrats bro.I sold 8 only


congratulations !!! Keep going.
However , which site is this that you are watching the movies , more specific the Meg , i was searching for this movie everywhere but seems i cant find it… :joy:


Now this would be the perfect benchmark for me to set it as MY goal this year…hehe :star_struck:
Good luck and keep on going strong okay!


Congrats!!God Bless You…
when you take a screen shot don’t share as it…show only that what you want to show…