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Just 3 more orders to get two level seller badge?


I just need three more orders to get badge of level two seller. :slight_smile:
But not getting orders. I was getting two much orders a week ago. But unexpectedly , orders decreased . And now no one is sending me order.
my gig is not even in recommended. ah
why is this all happening


Currently, no body knows the secret of getting a lot orders constantly. You should be happy with what you’ve got. You are not alone here, there are A LOT people working here. Probably they would be giving others a chance. Meanwhile, when you haven’t got any order, consider spending sometime in improving your gigs. If you’d work hard, you will get what you deserve.
Hope for the good and ‘wait’ for the good :slight_smile:


I have improved my gigs. I have very good response time though. :slight_smile: however thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:


Use keywords in your gig title and description…promote your gigs in social medias…response to ‘buyer requests’ to let the buyers to know about your gigs

Hope,you will get more better responses…

Advance congratulation for your super success :slight_smile:


Thank u :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I did everything except promoting gigs on social Media :slight_smile: