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Just 33 impression on my gigs in 3 days!

Hello all. I am new on fiver, I create 2 gigs, I continuously share my gigs on soaicl media but I have only 33 impression and 46 views in my gigs in 3 days is it slow process? and I didnot saw any buy request I am very worried it is breaking my hope. :unamused:

Hey, I’m also new on fiverr. I have the same question. I have 73 impressions, 47 clicks and 50 views in 4 days.

wao its good progress. keep it up

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wao its good. keep it up

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Hey, If you’re only at your third day in fiverr, depending on what categorie you’re selling and how competitive your nich is but 46 views is actually a good number, just keep on sharing your gig and send buyer requests, your impressions will increase, it will take you a little while to get your first order but there’s nothing to worrie about that’s very normal, don’t lose hope we all been there one day !


hahhh… thnks man :innocent:

You are welcome :smile:

1.Continue sharing gigs on social media.Make sure you are sharing where potential buyers are available.But indeed,you are going good as a new seller.
2.Change the category of your gigs to see buyer request.But it should be related category of your work ,not irrelevant.Plus, New sellers like us do not see much buyer request . But once people become a good seller on fiverr will see much more buyer request than newbies!

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Delete and create your new gig.
If impression is low then your gig is not working now.

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When i check impression on my mobile, it shows me down impression. but when i checked it on my PC it show good impression and clicks on my gigs.

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The impressions on your mobile are for the last 7 days, those on your PC are for the last 30 days