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Just 4 orders Behind to complete century of orders!

I have started Fiverr about 4 months ago, in start i am not getting orders, but after some time one of my gig of tracing work was Ranked on first page, and it boost up my earning and gig rating and i have completed 96 orders without any bad review, and then i got LEVEL ONE.
But unfortunately without any reason and changes i lost my gig ranking and also Orders form new clients.
and you people suggest me should i need to edit my gig?

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no comments yet, where are you fiverr experts…?

Do not worry if your gig are lost rank you will back it agin within few days later.same thing happen with me 2 times.but i back my rank in within few days… you need to try to active on form and always try to marketing your gig…

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@rd_sajib Thank you Sir, for your suggestions.


I am new to Fever and I am Professional Graphic
Designer and Composer. I have three or four months I got three orders that I
have completed correctly but after three or four months I have not received any
order. What could be the reason? Can anyone tell me why I order? Not Found
Please a friend can guide me about this.