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Just a box on the shelf

How is it fair that we work on a project 3 days and on day 4 the buyer doesn’t want it anymore so he canceled the order with CS back to the cancellation (we cannot force the buyers to accept delivery, of he want to cancel he will).
Our time don’t worth anything?!
I can’t see how you go to work 3 days and on day 4 the employee tell you that you don’t get any money for your 3 days of work that you already work because i don’t want to.
We aren’t box of toy or movie that buyer didn’t opened and return it to the store.
It’s like my studio time and our professional services don’t matter here and don’t worth a penny , so think about how the buyers see us as box on the shelf.

An update: here’s what CS responded. You’d be the judges:


Yup! A head-scratcher and that’s the way the :cookie: crumbles.

My Redmayne moment.

What was the reason behind the cxl? Just the fact that he no longer needed the work?


And it hurt your Order Completion rate too?

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He explained he didn’t need the work because I apperantly didn’t do it in the order that he specified. BUT, he never mentioned anything about an exact order he just told me to do the best to fit, so I did it to sound the best it can be in a professional standards. My gig even says that if you have specific instructions please inform. He didn’t.
I even offered a revision to change the order to fit is needs, but he refused.
So that was it.

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But of course! Every order cancellation has its punishment- reducing your order cancellation rate.

I think I could totally relate to what you’re facing right now because I had this issue three times before. Thankfully, I’ve only faced it three times since I joined Fiverr, I hope there won’t be a forth. :neutral_face:

You know, I do agree with the CS about that you won’t force a buyer to accept something that he is not satisfied with. But at least, as you mentioned, pay us for our time & effort were put into this order. For the three orders I had to cancel, they were 7+ days worth of effort & the buyers just cancelled the order through the CS.

I don’t really understand how the CS tells us to deal with the buyers & in the other hand, they interfere & cancel the order once the buyer tells them to without investigating or hearing from both sides what happened (If they do investigate before cancelling, please correct me if i’m wrong as I’m not sure if they do investigate before taking the action of cancelling an order.). I’m not hatting on the CS tho, they are sometimes helpful. I just don’t like how things are going right now & actually, I don’t think it will change. At least, not for now.

It’s all upon the buyer I guess. If he’s generous enough, he will pay you for your effort and time if the order was at least acceptable. I just had a buyer who ordered my service and in the middle, he had a different plan and he seemed that he won’t use or benefit from my service. However, he was so generous that he told me he won’t cancel the order & he will accept the order and pay me, despite he won’t use the website was created for him.

Anyway, take care man. Hopefully you won’t have to experience this anymore in the near future!


Unfortunately, they don’t. I explained everything, that I made a costume thing, especially for him, according to the instructions giving to me. After the delivery, he changed his instructions. That was the all reason. Nothing more.

Correct me if I’m wrong but, isn’t our gig description and a buyer’s order, is a contract between us and them? I mean, we lay out everything, we communicate our needs in order for the project being successful and to their needs, and they accept and give us their requirements (not always as we all know).
So, a contract is something both have to follow and if someone breaks it, s/he has to suffer the consicunswes.
Therefore, why only sellers do? I mean, a buyer can always say s/he didn’t like our work for some foolish reason and just get our work for free.


Logically speaking, investigating the situation beforehand is the best route. In terms of understanding both sides of the story before taking action. However, after reading many topics here it just feels like they don’t conduct a thorough investigation. Which is sad!

That’s the thing, CS tell us to work it out with the Buyer, but you offered to do the revisions still wasn’t enuff. What it all boils down to here is our hands are tied, no matter we try to slice the :pie: pie. Hopefully, you can bounce back from this cxl before SLD rolls around. I just read your update screenie. :no_mouth:


Well, there’s nothing in our hands really that we could do about this issue. As Nika said, It will be better if you focus on what’s coming so you could be able to recover from the cancellation. Perhaps try finding ways to decrease the percentage of this issue happening again in the future. You can also send the CS your feedback. Hopefully, they’ll listen and maybe, maybe take it in consideration in the future.

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I’m so confused now. I don’t have time to re-check at the moment but doesn’t TOS explicitly state that buyers can’t cancel due to personal preference?

Having also recently had CS cancel an order (for a 500-word article, 40-second promo video, and 200-words of social media content +images) your answer from CS just boggles my mind.

Right now I have a new Fiverr user asking for a price on 2 x promo/ad videos. There is $120 in the bag if I take in the order. - But they are new, based in a country I seem to get a lot of problem buyers from, and my stats are already perilously low to the demotion threshold. (4.8 and 94% orders complete).

I can’t take on this order. It’s too dangerous. And the problem there (as Fiverr likes to say) is when I don’t make money, they don’t make money either…


Yes it’s really sad.

I must say it was a wake up call for me. As the CS mentioned the buyer can cancel any time, all the time, for whatever reason and it will be ok!.

Im considering my steps after this event.


I did send them my feedback, as the screenshot shows, it was more socking and eye opening.
I don’t want to walk on egg shells with my clients here, I’m not that kind of person, and with all my experience in the music industry, I really seen and met all kinds of clients, but here you can’t do a thing, your hand are tied.

A lot more ranting than I thought

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That is exactly the point!
Buyers will always have their way and you will lose in the CS battle.
It’s really forcing us to think several times before accepting an order from potential buyers just because of that. And it shouldn’t happen.

Can I ask for more cs? You’re sure? Anything?

Under “Order Cancellation” TOS says:

 Orders are not eligible to be canceled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. Buyers may rate their experience with the seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.

However, it seems that CS does not always follow this. I do not depend on it anymore. :unamused:


They don’t follow it at all. As they mentioned above, they cant force a buyer to accept a delivery not satisfactory.
You’re right not to follow that, but in some cases, you need the CS back and they will not grant it.
The bottom line is seller’s don’t have any rules that protect them in any way !

So, their terms are negotiable and not final now?

That’s worrying…and depressing.

I’m going to clean out the cats litter tray to cheer myself up.


Only work that much you are prepared to lose. Cancellations, chargebacks, everytime CS and Fiverr parts with the buyer. Response from CS is a canned response, it’s not even tailor made to you.


That appears to be so.
Hope it cheered you up !

Mabey this is how it works here but in my opinion it really shouldnt.

You’re right. BUT, they dont follow the TOS of themselfs. That is really the worring part about the all thing.