Just a funny little glitch ;)


I guess the buyer hasn’t been on fiverr in a long long time…

Can you spot the error :wink: ?


Yes lots of people have been seeing this. It’s cool. It’s indicating a time warp.


47 years ago lol.
I think it is funny.


Your buyer time-traveled, placed the order and went back in time. Sooo coool!!! :grinning:


This is truly a wondrous event! But it does make me wonder what computer they used to access the internet 47 years ago. The internet as we know it didn’t exist back in 1970. :wink:


He was a time traveler only there was a glitch which caught and registered his true time on the fiverr server–one of those strange events that, like the Philadelphia Experiment, or people suddenly finding themselves in the midst of civil war scenes, seem to indicate a type of wormhole in the fabric of time and space that occasionally opens.


In the words of a famous Vulcan (who also, incidentally, had much to say about time travel)… “Fascinating.”


47 years ago? Don’t think fiverr was in existence then, anyway its all good, it will clear soon.