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Just a girl, wandering Fiverr


Hello to everyone!!

Unlike some other communities, this doesn’t seem like one where everyone is rushing to meet you, so I’ll come to where the people are!

I’m Amaira and I just landed on Fiverr. I’m a professional writer who specialises in web content and fiction. A long-time blogger who ended up working in advertising and PR, I’ve published dark fantasy/supernatural/Gothic romance books. I have a penchant for erotica, as the name suggests.

I don’t exactly put that on my resume, so I came to the one place I can! Look forward to making friends and learning who out there has a secret dark side…laughs

Lovely to meet all of you, and do say hello!

*~ Amaira <3


Hi, Amaira and welcome! I recently joined Fiverr as well as a freelance editor. Best of luck to you and your writing!


Welcome to both of you and I am sure you will learn so much here indeed.


I’m happy to welcome you to Fiverr, however, I’m pretty sure you’re not going to have many people telling you all about their “dark side”. That’s just not what Fiverr is for. :wink:

Good luck as you work hard to become a successful freelancer here on Fiverr.


Speak for yourself. :wink:

Welcome to Fiverr OP!


I always do. :wink:


Indeed. However, I also sense that you have very book worthy dark side @jonbaas. I sense a secret Viking in you sometimes. You should let him out once in a while. If only to stall the inevitable eventually of you plundering the neighboring villages at some point.

I let mine out occasionally. I always feel better for it. :wink:


Given my heritage… perhaps.

My distant ancestors gave up pillaging and plundering thousands of years ago. Now we pursue much more noble – and much less Viking-like – projects.


Hi Amaira

welcome and enjoy! Actually there are lots of interesting people here. One can see already two… knights fighting gently under your balcony :smiley:

I wish you lots of sales and awesome customers!