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Just a heads up on possible scammers

This buyer received the completed work then complained that it was not up to standard then cancelled without complaint. If he is a genuine buyer then no problem, but just keep a look out for fragglesrock to see if he does it more times!

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Great, thanks

Exactly, if you delivered a quality product and there was no complaint, do not accept the cancellation.

I’ve got 6 bad reviews from the same buyer for the same project at the same time:

A cheap scammer, He told me to give him his money back or he’ll let the reviews.

he made at first separated gigs and told me to do the project so I get good 6 rates.

I gave him all what he need, a 100% working project.

He wrote some lies in the reviews,

I’m a 100% rating Saller and I give always Profissional works.

I tried to contact him and he keeps ignoring me,

I’ve contacted the CS many times and they always say That they’ll not remove the Reviews till I get his consent. even that I have refund him :frowning:

I don’t understand; Is the work of CS agents is reading messages and say "unfortunately we can’t ?"

my orders decrease 95% after.

I’m really not happy with Fiverr rating rules. and I think it’s time to take a decision leave it.

When I had a Flow Chart gig (it’s canceled now) I had a user order a flow chart from and then ask me to “fix it” and after I basically make the flow chart about 15-20 times (they was all different then the first one) I stopped doing it they complained on the feedback that I was unable to do the job. In my opinion I believe they was selling the flow charts and was just trying to use me as supplier of unlimited charts for $5

Reply to @aladdindev: I don’t know how you contacted Customer Support? You should always send the screen shots of your conversation where you think buyer is threatening for bad reviews. It happened to me a couple of times, I contacted Customer Support and they immediately removed those negative reviews.

Also as @bachas85 mentioned that discussion thread. No need to accept cancellation of offer refund if you are not at fault and delivered what promised / agreed.

Here is the link , read your rights here;

bachas85 said:

Reply to @bestinmarket: Thank you very much, Today the reviews are reomoved. I tried with another CS agent, he helped me and remove the reviews. but the other agent didn’t helped me at all and always says no.

Reply to @aladdindev: Great! :slight_smile: