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Just a heads up - the 4.7 App bug is back

I’ve had 2 clients this week who left 4.7 reviews when leaving reviews on the App. I contacted both to ask if there was anything I could do to improve their experience and both confirmed they had meant to leave 5 stars. I don’t really feel that it is appropriate asking my clients to go through the hassle of having to contact customer services to fix a bug but I’d also rather not get too many 4.7s

So just a heads up that it is still happening - not really sure what to do about it

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I don’t think it ever left. There is really no way to have them correct it either.

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How come it’s so difficult to fix this freaking bug? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Just had the same case where buyer left me 4.7 due to the bug on mobile devices

I know it won’t jeopardize my level and even if it did, it wouldn’t affect my sales, but for F sake if you ask 4.8 average from us then the least you can do is to make sure your mobile app works.

It’s not like it’s a new issue.


Last moth I have faced this issue. One of my buyer left me 5 start review but it counted as 4.7 Even it was one of my new gig. I do not care about such things anymore but @uxreview is right. It is frustrating as when a buyer have a look at quickly it seems like 4 star (even it is 4.5 star). I’m not sure but maybe this will effect their decision.

You are so right. I actually came on here to rant about this same thing and saw your post. I got a 4.4 review just now from a client. This is her review:

“This is my second time working with her and still very pleased with the finished product. Very professional. Great at keeping the lines of communication open.”

Then in the actual rating, I got 3 out of 5 stars for communication. It really hit me then that something was wrong.

To be honest, my first thought was to be upset and rant that the buyer was the one who fouled up our communication, resulting in me having to do a rewrite but I refrained and still gave her 5-stars. Minutes later, she sent me a message that she hit all 5 stars and she’s not sure why it is showing something else. In this case, I sent her a modification for a review.

This gig is my baby and I’ve never had less than 5-stars. I can’t afford for clients to think I am slipping up in my work.

At first CS would allow it to be changed to 5 if we had an OK from the buyer but not now. Why not now?

Either fix the bug or at least allow it to be changed when the buyer says it was a mistake and they tried to leave 5.