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Just a little advise to sellers

I post a job up with detailed requirements, all 49 sellers especially new sellers did not read what the company need. I was happy to give them a-go, but when I asked to give me only a brief outline of the concept none responded with originality, some even use others work and advise will revise.

When I message stating the concept is not what I’m looking for, I received continuous message asking me to give them the job, reasons, I’m poor, I need a job etc.

And I still continuing receiving these messages after I deleted my post request.


Unfortunately there are sellers who beg for sales quite often, so the only thing you can do is click the small “Report” link in your inbox conversation for the sellers who beg for sales and blame poverty, lack of jobs, etc., because those are unprofessional sellers who obviously don’t know or care how Fiverr works and thus ruin its image in the eyes of buyers :confused:

When you click that “report” text/button below such a seller’s message in your inbox, it will show you a couple of forms with options, the last form having an option like “I do not want to receive messages from this user” - that should stop them from messaging you. Note that this only blocks sellers who have already contacted you.


Unless you receive a good offer, don’t message them. If someone can’t manage to send a decent offer then they are not worth contacting.


This is so sad things.

This is bad time For us (small sallers).
And the cause of thos type sellers who stay in fiverr with BAD SKILLS.

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No, this is a great time to be a seller! It’s a bad time to be a lazy seller who doesn’t want to change as Fiverr changes.


In market place some seller always do this but in market place all great sellers try to their best to satisfy their client by hardworking and technique so sir don’t worry great sellers are waiting for you just search them and their activity and you will get it


Great sellers market and promote their gigs, they don’t wait around hoping someone will randomly find them and hire them. Great sellers reach out to their target customers.



Would like to chime in with my two cents…both as a buyer and a seller.

I totally agree with what has been presented in the beginning of the thread and I will be honest with you that’s the sad reality as we have here. It’s nothing that fiverr can do anything about.

It is up to us as a seller to ensure we conduct ourselves in the most professional manner and one of the bare minimum things that we can do is go through the requirements properly and spend a bit of time in adding value to the customer. That’s a win win situation for everybody. You win, customer wins and so does fiverr.

One of my mentors always said there is somebody always cheaper and better than you are.

So as a seller we must keep that in mind and differentiate yourselves from competition by creating more value to our customers and marketplace.

And remember this, one good customer could send you 100 orders in a year…that’s like no additional proposal required and no additional marketing required. These are all serious businesses that are looking for our services and would more than love to stick around with us as long as we as sellers deliver a ton of value.


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thank you sir for your kind advice and tips,I agree with you sir .I am new in fiverr but i always trying to promoting my gigs

This has been exactly my experience with posting a job request, I don’t think I will be doing it again. Other sites are much better suited for that kind of interaction. Fiverr has it’s place though as a store of premade gigs!

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Nice information, thanks!!!