Just a mini-rant about order rejections


I just wanted to post something a little humorous, not really a rant: reasons why buyers have rejected my deliveries. I understand the /intention/ of the reject order button, but some buyers either don’t understand what it does or just use it willy-nilly for kicks, because sometimes I get the weirdest rejections.

-“I don’t understand what the red lines are on the side of the page.” It was an editing order and I made the corrections in “track changes,” which she apparently couldn’t figure out how to turn off, even after I provided a step-by-step. Rejected with a message stating, “Take those red lines off, I can’t find that thing in my version of Word.”

-“Please put it in a sans serif font.”

-“Ok, perfect, thanks!” (Used the “Reject” button because he thought it was the only way he could send me a message after I delivered the work.)

-“I gave you the wrong set of keywords. Please use these: …”

-“I want the headers in blue.”

…I understand that it is important for the buyer to be able to reject work if it really does not follow the original instructions, but in my experience, most use it to force me to make changes which were not part of the project, not in the scope of my gig, or for completely inane tasks that would take them as long to complete as it took them to reject the order and write me a message. I get these a lot, especially on my writing gig. A buyer will send along the keywords and subject, I’ll write it up, and they’ll reject the order because they don’t want the headers in bold type, or some similar complaint. Because it takes so little time, I usually just chuckle and do it.

Anybody else get funny/weird reasons from their buyers for rejections?


count me in!


I haven’t had as many orders as you, and luckily I’ve had 0 rejections fingers crossed


I’m having the same problem with a buyer currently they order one of my gig and refused to order multiple gigs for the required length of his work. He tried getting to me to provide him my extras for free. I had to keep stating my description over and over to him. Then, I delivered the work, he rejects it and states he wants it completely redone (basically with all the extras that he refused to pay for) or cancel. I worked, I delivered exactly as my gig describes, you don’t have grounds to reject the work and demand a complete overhaul with free extras.

Sadly, it’s just another thing buyers have to the option of using as a weapon to take advantage of sellers. I hope it gets fixed soon! :-q


Reply to @thepromogirl: I hope it gets fixed soon, too! Most of my buyers genuinely don’t understand its function, but yours sounds just downright mean and unprofessional!


Yes, I think that most buyers will deal with it, simply because the button is there! I get my orders rejected a lot, for reasons that span a wide spectrum of understandable to totally ridiculous :smiley:


I’ve only had two rejections, but neither has offered a reason, or I can’t find it. The whole thing has me confused, I’m happy buyers have a way to request changes and deny an order from sellers who completely miss the point, but its a bit annoying to work on a specific order with extras and just be out the money because someone decided to press the reject button.


A buyer ordered a gig from me, and he rejected 4 times because he had to ask his girlfriend about the illustration. Each time, he required a tiny modification. It’s 4 days since the last reject. I feel like I have waited for ever, just for $5.

Sometimes, I got a reject like “Please redraw it, I don’t like it at all.” and they did not even give me an explanation.

I am really confused with those reasons. :-w


Reply to @james_illus: I suppose you have to think over the description and buyer instructions text carefully, and “polish” it to be ideally convinient for you. Highlight the critical aspects in bold, big sized font when you write your restrictions, something like “give me a clear explanation of what you’d like to see in the picture, and which things you’d surely not accept”. And after they start abusing your delivery, you tell - “hey, you read the intructions, right? you started the order, right? it means that you had given me all info according to rules. I followed the info given, right? Then, I did the job!!!” After further possible complaints ask for Customers support help.


That was FUN reading!