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Just a note to self about problemed orders

If I run across an order that asks me to do something that I attempt at, but they don’t like, and it ends up that I’m just not able to meet their specifications, I simply need to use the tools on the site to cancel the order, regardless of if it will reflect badly on my profile. Don’t argue, don’t say the dictionary-like script is impossible to read casually, don’t spend hours trying hard to meet an impossible standard, just cancel and save a lot of headaches. It’s not worth the frustration, it’s not worth the bad reviews, and it’s certainly not worth the money.

I handled an order incredibly unprofessionally and I don’t want to repeat that ever again. I deserved every bit of that bad review for the horrible way I handled it. First bad review I’ve gotten, and I certainly deserved it.

I don’t know the job you did or whether you deserved the bad review you got, but I do agree that if you cannot meet their specifications, you should refund that order immediately.

However, if your gigs are subjective, if right or wrong is a matter of opinion instead of fact, then don’t be too hard on yourself. What matters is the majority of reviews you get. If you have 4 orders and 1 review is negative, that’s OK, but if the gig is brand new and your first 2 or 3 reviews are negative, I would delete that gig.

Some gigs aren’t meant for us. Sometimes we think we can do something when we can’t.

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