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Just a rant, new Apple update doesn’t work with adobe

Huh, such a great surprise for the New Year and Christmas holidays from Apple.
I know I know it’s not completely related to fiver but now I can’t complete and deliver my orders with some of them being due in a couple of hours.

That’s for those who is using Apple and didn’t install Catalina update yet.
First, my computer froze and forced me to update and install Catalina OS. And surprise surprise, after I updated my Mac it just stopped opening Illustrator and Photoshop and just crashing them. And it looks like from the internet that everybody having the same problem.
Thank you Apple for crappy update that doesn’t work and I can’t deliver my orders. Thank you fiverr for extending autocomplete time to 7 days.


I feel your pain, - Kind of. I invested in a Google Pixel phone this year. I did so just because it has a cool camera and I wanted to be prepared for Fiverr ID verification. Then a few weeks ago, I got a popup telling me to install the latest security update.

As soon as I installed the update, my phone told me to restart. When I did, it started crashing and rebooting, then refused to turn on or give me access to recovery mode. I was basically left with a bricked phone.

It turns out that a lot of people have had exactly the same problem, yet Google is still pushing the exact same update. Thankfully, I was able to hack my phone and fix it. However, this took 3-weeks. (You have to wait for the battery to completely discharge, then charge it and boot to recovery mode).

Most users (and I guess this is the same for Apple) aren’t going to have the technical ability to fix an issue like this, In this case, updates like this smack of planned obsolescence.

In your case, I’d look to download a recovery ISO of Mojave and install this. Just beware that doing so will wipe all your data. In this case, back everything up first. Then don’t update to Catalina until issues with Illustrator and Photoshop are fixed.


That’s the reason I avoid updating Apple products like a plague until I absolutely have to. I don’t think I’ve had a single “painless” update yet. Something always stops working with no explanation.

I’m so sorry this is happening. Hopefully, you can fix it soon.

Now this is bad news. I was planning to get Google Pixel next month. Mainly because I hate iphones and I heard amazing things about the camera.


I was just about to buy my first Apple laptop due to disliking Windows 10 so much. Guess I’ll stick to Windows after all.


Well, if you do buy a Pixel Phone, all you need to do is install a custom launcher from the Play Store before you update it. It is a custom launcher provided by Google on the Pixel that causes the problem.

It is stupid how such a simple thing can cause such a huge issue. However, because you can’t remove the battery on new phones, you can only recover from catastrophic crashes and boot loops by waiting for the battery to completely discharge.


Go back to Windows 8.1. I hate Windows 10 and usually use Linux. However, I’m loving Windows 8.1 on my tablet and am even considering installing it on my main laptop. It is also still fully supported until 2023. There can be a few driver issues with new software. However, installing Visual Studio fixes all these.

You also benefit from better privacy and performance. :wink:


I’m using a laptop right now that has a swollen battery the size and shape of a golfball and has broken the wrist pad next to the trackpad.

It’s 84 steps to get to it to remove and replace it.

I got a new 15 in Alienware but like to have one in the bedroom as well as the office so the old 13 inch one is still in use. It’s amazing it still works…


This is why the future terrifies me. I kind of can’t turn the phone off or make sure it’s turned off now. And Snowden told us to let go of the notion of the phone security or anonymity of any sort because it’s not a thing anymore so I’m working on letting go, I guess, but this is seriously unnerving. I had my moment of unease when I first tried to take the battery out and reboot the device “the hard way” and realized I couldn’t do it.

Thank you for the heads-up. I’ll keep this in mind. It’s not a cheap phone and yet.


That is a pretty major hazard. If that pops in an un-ventilated room, you are going to gas yourself with lithium and a few other toxic goodies. I’ve had a phone battery explode when kayaking. It’s like a red hot tear gas grenade going off in your pocket.

I’d power your laptop down and do some battery removal surgery ASAP.


The 13 inch laptop I have has Windows 8.1 and I do love it, although I have Classic Shell installed to get rid of the hated “tiles” desktop and mimic the old startup menu.

I guess I could install the 8.1 in a separate partition on the new laptop.

I disabled Tobii which was spying on me and watching my eye movements but I think it still spies on me and sends info back to Microsoft. A little round black dot opens up routinely which I think indicates it’s looking at me, or my stuff, periodically. It’s creepy.


Yes you’re right. I just adore this little Alienware so much. It’s so perfect. I’m pretty sure once I take it all apart it will never go back together or work again. I’m handy with doing things like this but this has so much to take apart, literally the entire machine and removing the trackpad, motherboard, screen, every single part.

I see other laptops have the battery right under the bottom case where they are accessible.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if I was killed by my own laptop? Although I do like the idea of going out in a unique way.


When Snowden released his documents, I actually read a lot of them. I wasn’t happy being told that TPTB can turn my phone on and record me, even when my phone is powered off. I wanted to know how they did it.

Reading the actual documents Snowden released allowed me yo figure this out. In short, to power and activate individual tech components remotely (on an unpowered device) you need to send an electromagnetic pulse. This comes from your wifi router. However, now this also comes from new 5G telecom tech that can also 3D map your home interior.

There are ways to stay secure online and safeguard your privacy. However, doing so is not easy. For a start, you need to go wired (instead of using wifi) and get off social media. Then if you want to go full NSA proof, you need to stop using USB cables and dongles (they put wifi and 3G chips in these to bridge air-gaped networks), and surround yourself in bushy houseplants. - That scrambles the 5G point cloud radar.

Ideally, you also need to move to a monastery on a remote mountain somewhere. However, I’m still yet to go this far myself.

It would be cool to be able to tell people you were killed by an Alien. However, to do that, you would kind of need to survive the ordeal… :thinking:


Alienware explodes, kills witch. Coven files lawsuit.


I got my first computer at 5 and was convinced it was trying to kill me. Had nightmares about it gearing up to explode in my face while I couldn’t turn it off. I’d unplug it in my dreams and it’d just stay on.

I blame horrifying 80s graphics and frequent “Don’t you break it, it’s expensive” speeches. My horror didn’t stop me from using the computer, though.

Then last year Netflix made Bandersnatch. I saw it and slept with my lights on for 2 nights. :slight_smile:


Life has enough real horrors without imagining/creating new ones. I just watched on youtube my beloved eagle swallow the back half of either a dog or cat whole. But then these are the descendants of velociraptors so I don’t know why they still shock me.

Right now there are some good deals on Amazon for laptops. I wish I could decide which to get. The Macbook doesn’t have the latest processor.


@sturoyce No I’m not a gamer, I’m a writer who loves the keyboards on Alienwares along with all the other deluxe features including those lights, and the little green glowing alien. :alien:


Same here. But unfortunately here they didn’t leave me any choice. My computer just froze and wasn’t doing anything only leaving a window with a force update of OS.

:unamused: I’m totally not a tech savvy to do that and I also don’t have enough external disk space to save all info I had…
I’m chatting with both supports for a couple of hours. Adobe sent a link to download new pack and install it one again. But now after it downloaded it when I tried to install it it showed vital error. I’m getting quite frustrated now because it’s 8pm on sunday, I want to spend time with my family and I have order due in 3 hours that I have to make…

Such a bummer. I hate all this updates problems especially when they were forced and didn’t leave us any choice to update or not.

I like Apple in general (though now it’s more of a “i have everything Apple and any new device just would be totally disconnected”)
But when I first changed from windows and android to Apple I totally hated its interface. It’s the first such a big problem I occurred. And mostly pressure is coming from timer on fiverr that will make order late and affect my stats and not being able to work.


If you happen to have an MSI gaming laptop on your shortlist, you might want to cross it off, I just ordered a replacement battery for mine. My model is really nice and sleek, and the keyboard is (well, was, before the battery started to misbehave) awesome and it’s even VR-enabled but I have the same issue as you got … and it seems I’m not the only one.


It’s why I have two laptops and two internet providers. We need that to do our job here of removing negative entities which are prone to attack our devices and internet service.

One thing I’ve realized is that I can get a new but 2018 model of an Alienware at a discount now and would love to, but it’s been “on the shelf” longer and these batteries in them only are good for 3.5 years on average. So it’s best to get one that has been manufactured as recently as possible.

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