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Just a rant, new Apple update doesn’t work with adobe

I got mine in 1988, it was a Soviet knockoff of something western with a preinstalled Alley Cat. It was a nightmare, I was mesmerised and couldn’t step away. But now I feel somehow cheated when looking deep into Norman Reedus’ pores in Death Stranding. It’s almost like games shouldn’t look the way they do now. I do prefer more retro-ish/stylised games as opposed to ultra realism. Alley Cat has done it to me, I bet.


The replacement battery I ordered states “around 500 recharging cycles”, that won’t get me even through 2 years lol My MSI was pretty much brand new when I got it, no long shelf life for an excuse, that battery.

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I’ve used more than a few builds of Linux, Mac OS, and Windows honestly buying a Mac just doesn’t make sense to me. It’s unnecessarily expensive, there just isn’t much to do on it. anything that isn’t directly from Apple is pretty busted or very likely to get busted.

Just get windows, turn the updates and you’re good for at least a few years.

As far as phones go, I genuinely dislike the Pixel series the way they are right now. They’re nothing more than a glorified test device Google uses to test new features without caring about the consumer. Get a OnePlus or a Mi. They are absolutely phenomenal and worth every penny.

You kinda boxed yourself in that one. If you do migrate to Windows there are ways to still keep everything connected. Maybe look into that?

I do the same thing. I got 2 internet providers, a high-end PC, and a laptop so that I always have something to fall back on when something inevitably goes wrong.


Hopefully your battery is easier to replace than the one in mine.

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Thankfully, it should be pretty easy :slight_smile: I do take such things into account when I buy a laptop, I like to be able to exchange/upgrade at least RAM, SSD and battery.

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I find it funny how Apple that spend decades poo-pooing on alternative systems’ and their users jumped right into Windows approach of “Oh you don’t want to update RIGHT NOW? That’s too bad, that’s unfortunate for you 'cause we’re starting in 5…”


The reason, in my opinion, my laptop has lasted for five years is that I never once downloaded any Windows updates. That is not something you can turn off, and believe me I tried several ways including editing the registry, in Windows 10.

It’s why I plan to install Windows 8.1 into my next new computer.

Windows 10 is working fine for me, I have it set so that it asks me before installing updates and offers a schedule, so I “procrastinate” the updates until I’m reasonably sure no major mess like Maria now had with the Catalina/Adobe allergy should happen, then let it update, I do want security patches and sometimes new features or whatever stuff, after all.
I didn’t like Windows 10 (and I spent quite a bit of time looking up the privacy issues and did custom install and updates, I’m someone who has a black sticker over the laptop camera, I do like some semblance of privacy) and tiles at the beginning, but once I got used to it, it was fine. I think that often when I say I don’t like something new it’s more not wanting to spend time to get used to yet another new thing, might have to do with getting older :wink:


I don’t believe in the security patch line. I remember when there was a big bios update on Windows and I didn’t install that and never had any problems. My only security breaches have been browser hijacks demanding a payment to remove them. I got a recent one and frankly think it was from a post on this forum where someone had a suspicious link I had clicked on. But it was a poor attempt and went away immediately.

Between the firewall, and the security features on my modem, I feel safe from viruses.
I use Windows Defender.

Mine is working fine. Is that MacOS 10.15.2? Because mine is working perfect.
What’s the photoshop versions of yours?

Well, eventually, things will stop running smoothly when different components, like OS and programs, drivers, periphery you use are “too far apart” (providing you do install new programs and stuff, which I do pretty often, also do use my gaming laptop for gaming as well, not (just) for writing, plus you’ll miss out on some nice new features, those are my main reasons to update, but I don’t mind added security. I do additional things for security still, like, for instance, setting up an admin and other account and using the other account unless I need the admin account for certain things.
But it depends a lot on what you do with your computer anyway.

It’s the updates that make things stop running smoothly for me. It just happened with the last one, the pointer started freezing periodically.

I never have had one problem in five years on the old Alienware with zero updates.

Ah, well, that’s too bad then. If you only get problems and no advantages out of updates, of course it might make sense to skip them altogether.

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Well, there is a way or rather multiple ways. Look at some Reddit threads they really help particularly on r/windows

I disabled various things from the startup menu, edited the registry, downloaded some bogus file, so far none have done it. You will see all kinds of things that supposedly work but so far nothing does work. Microsoft made sure of that.

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It’s not just the updates. Windows 10 constantly runs an obscene amount of background processes. The only reason Windows 10 is fast is because it came out as SSDs were becoming the new standard for hard disks.

Install Windows 10 on a mechanical drive and you will hear that it never stops reading and writing to disk. Over time, this wears out both solid state drives and mechanical drives. However, in the case of SSDs, the wear starts a lot sooner.

As for your laptop lasting so long, security updates are kind of essential. However, most ATMs and bank and military IT infrastructure still runs Windows XP. There is a reason for that and its not just to do with the cost of upgrading…


All right, I’m about to recommend something but take it with a grain of salt. Sordum has a windows update blocker which has a rather good reputation of working but as with all recommendation try at your own risk.

It’s always nice to see someone that gets it. I have windows 10 on an HDD that’s a couple of years old but I’ve managed to turn off most background processes and it generally stays below 7% - 10%. I do have an SSD for my games and stuff.


That’s a great idea. I wish I knew what all of them were so I could do that.

I used to have a free program which would list all of them with an explanation of if they were needed or not. That was a while back on another computer.

Now why would Microsoft be so determined that no one can turn off updates…:thinking:

I don’t trust them at all.

Whatever could the reason be…if only I knew.

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Just think about that kind of power they have over most of us. What they could do with it, with just one update.

If there really is a “deep state” determined to take over the world Microsoft is poised to do exactly that.

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