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Just a silly thing: Skull Advertisement

Hey there my fellow Fiverr users, I come with a somewhat silly offer which may or may not be what you were looking your entire life, perhaps you didn’t know, but skeletons popularity is on the rise with each day. That’s very convenient because I’m offering a service that you will appreciate if you are trying to take advantage of this phenomenon.

I’m trying to get started on the business of SKULL ADVERTISEMENT, with the help of my favorite personal skulls I will endorse anything you need, send me your company logo, your slogan, a cute text for a beloved one, a written warning for an annoying one, you name it. For $5 dollars I’ll put a skull along with it, take a picture and VOILA! if it doesn’t get the message across, nothing will.

But don’t take my word for it, hit the social networks and find out yourself, the future is made of spooky bones or so the people is saying. Personally, I’ve loved skeletons since I’m a little child, but if you’re just recently finding out about them, well is never too late to jump into the skeleton craze.

If you feel like you need to achieve certain quality for the picture, if you want an outdoors picture or an specific backdrop or arrangement for it, just let me know. I’ll do my best not to disappoint you, trust me.

So, give it a chance, ask me anything, I will answer you ASAP.

Is it fine if I bump this?