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Just a simple advice


I am new here, but experienced following (negative) already some times.

Selling is great, but if you never answer a question from your buyer, you will lose her/him.

What do some of you sellers have against answering a simple question?

Or is it a lack of interest?

Cant be that difficult, besides it can build a good solid relationship and that is good for your sales.


I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but unless I’m asleep, at the grocery store or mowing the lawn, I answer all Buyer inquires within minutes, and do my best to be helpful.


That is GREAT!

I wrote some, 1 several times, got NO reaction at all.

Till I withdraw my positive rating after the sale and gave a bad rating.

Suddenly he/she could answer, but not answering the question, only BEGGING twice to withdraw my bad rating.

Well, sorry, but that is not how it is working.



I’m sorry to hear that. Please don’t judge all Sellers by a few.

Maybe there is another Seller that could provide what you need. What type of project are you working on?


Of course I am not judging all.

But I wrote 3 and all the same. Pity.

I just was trying out here, so bought some FB likes.

Saw a nice opportunity to wok together as i have some people who are interested already, but hey, no communication is no business.

maybe later some other ‘‘projects’’ could work out.

First it is important to me to get acquainted with Fiverr, find some reliable '‘partners’'

and than look further


Cool. Hope to see you around the Forum.


I am curious. Did you change your rating from a positive to a negative because they did not respond to your question?


I wrote there 3x, no result, so yes I changed my rating and than suddenly a reaction

quote: "Please sir remove negative review, If ever below 1000 I will refill for you, PLease remove negative feedback. " NOT even answering my question (again)

So why she/ he couldnt answer before, simply ignored me?

I bought there, but had a question.

This person is to my opinion not interested in a client, only her/ his own ratings,

well should have think about that before.


…In the meantime I wrote to number 4 here for the same gig.

Just would like to know 1 thing before I buy.

I wonder if I will get a reaction from that seller.

If not, than I cant take this here serious anymore and will leave.



Seems all sellers are on holiday!

Only ‘‘I sell, I promise,’’ etc, but contacting them is impossible.

Maybe better to start a NAME AND SHAME…

I lost my believe in Fiverr