Just a slightly annoyed rant


Today was very disheartening. I have had, across the board, great experiences with my buyers. They have recognized that this is a business relationship. Just because the services are cheap doesn’t mean that we don’t need to be professional with one another. But today, one of my buyers sent me a very condescending message, accusing me of things I didn’t do and basically calling me a stupid (bad word). I found out he’s done this to other sellers… I’m not going to let this one bad experience ruin all the good ones I’ve had, but this is the ranting pot, and I wanted to rant.


He wants you to ask Fiverr for a refund, so he’s using emotional blackmail on you. It sounds like it’s your first time with this kind of nonsense. If I were a bettor, I’d bet you a fiver that it won’t be the last time in the next 365 days. He’ll use what you sent him, regardless what he’s telling you.


It’s not the first time a buyer hasn’t liked the first draft of something, and not even the first time someone’s asked for a refund and later I found that they’ve posted the article anyway, but it is the first time a buyer has resorted to calling me stupid.


Toughen up, this place has more than its fair share of idiots and asshats.

Good luck.