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Just a small thank you note from me to you

There seems to be so many :fire: topics lately between this and that, buyers and sellers, on and on. It’s been awhile, but I’m doing another feel good thread; because . . . why not?

Let me take this opportunity to say, “Thank you” to so many outstanding sellers I’ve had the privilege to work with in the past year. There are so many of you, I’m just going to mention a few that are on the forum regularly.

Miss C. for what it’s worth, thank you for making me feel good and picking me up when I was down. I’ve been extremely sick and because of you, I feel :grinning:! You seem to have the magic touch that I needed. (I’m going to have to demand that discourse come up with a witch emoji!)

Mila always a professional and a perfectionist. I appreciate all that you have done for me and will do for me. I still have two more chapters and it will be published. I’ve had to put things on hold for awhile but trying hard to get back on track.

Zeus whenever I’m feeling sad, I have to order a cartoon from you. It’s one of my few, pick me up and feel good present to myself. Thank you for the latest. I’m still fuming over the “Mocha Trap vs Mocha Frap” deal! :rage:

Andy sometimes I wonder why you don’t seem to know what an amazing writer you are. You have the skills and the talent to become a famous author. Thank you for the great write up you gave me. It will be used in the next three weeks.

Emmy I know you’re reading this! Admit it! :stuck_out_tongue: You know you are good at what you do and not shy about letting people know it. You too are a perfectionist with a style that can not be beaten. I should know, I have several of your gigs!

Simon You have a straight forward no nonsense style which I find to be refreshing in so many ways. You give me more than what I ask for and don’t ask for anything in return. I want to let you know, I’m planning on taking full credit for your work! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Saddu You put so much into your work. Your talent shines through in everything you do. I am so grateful you are here to give me animation the way I desire. You were the first animator I hired, it worked out so well, it won’t be the last.

Lorna You were accused of being a :robot: once! I am going to accuse you of being an :angel: . You are by far one of the most patient and kind :heart: person on the forum. The way you explain things over and over again (wait, maybe you are a bot! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ). Thank you for doing a thankless job without pay!!

Catwriter You too are one of the most informative people on the forum. I don’t know how you do what you do, but I :heart: reading your post. You are both :candy: and :lemon: ! Thank you for bringing :sun_with_face: to what would be so boring without you.

Woofy What can I say, you are the :bomb: and also a :bear:!

Okay, this was supposed to be a 10 minute quickie but ended up taking me half an hour. I have to get off, so if I missed anyone, which I did like Nika (on vacation), Writer, Jim (aka ssj), Nayeem and about a dozen other people here; I will catch ya’ll next time.

Okay, end of all this girly guishness. Catch you all tomorrow.


Did someone say…mocha trap??? :laughing:


I’m Still Laughing after see this!


I feel the love and this has nothing to do with me!

This is so sweet. I’ve been on Fiverr for a few weeks now, and I’ve started to realize who the “regulars” are on this platform. I really like this big family of buyers and sellers on this forum.

Keep it up! There’s been a lot of negativity lately and this helps lighten things up a bit.


Thank you so much for your uber-lovely thoughts and sharing the positivity, Gina! :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

Yeah, I guess I do drop :bomb: in some threads now and then, drop-and-flee that is!

Now let’s get dirty: why is my “thank you” line shorter than everybody else’s? #grumpy_:gorilla:


Finally! Some good vibes on the forum!

Thank you! haha


I’m actually really excited about you using my write up. I rarely get to work on something which I would be interested in buying/utilizing myself. Also, you deserve all the thanks for the amazing review you left me. That and the ray of calming, joyous sunlight you communicate like here on the forum.

Such a nice person Gina. Fiverr really needs to give you a special badge in recognition of the fact.


Actually, I meant you are the bomb as in AWESOME!

Oh, my goodness! :frowning_face: Didn’t mean what you are thinking!


I was using my tablet to write a review and the auto correct changed Frap to Trap. I didn’t realize it until it was too late. Of course, I couldn’t go back and change her review the way 5r is nowadays, so it will forever be on her profile as

Mocha Trap!

Then again, perhaps, I really did mean Trap!! :yum::crazy_face:

Love that picture!!


Thanks for making me smile! :rose: