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Just a sneaking suspicion

I can’t say for sure, but I just had a buyer order $200 for my gig and go silent. Now, I could be wrong but back in April when I had 9 cancellations, I had a similar scenario. Out of the 9 cancellations I had, 3 of them (1 buyer had five separate orders), were banned from Fiverr. The second cancellation was for a $200 order. The next day, I had another order from another buyer for $240. Both of those orders were never initiated. Both profiles began in April.

Today, similar scenario - new buyer to Fiverr, orders $200 worth of material and yet has not communicated in the least. I went all through May without a SINGLE cancellation - now. just as those cancellations are about to be scrubbed, I’m getting another one of these.

In the famous words of Stewie Griffen, “What the deuce?”

Maybe I’m wrong.
May be I’m being paranoid.

But my gut instinct tells me… I’m not.

“What the deuce, man?”


Hey, mind telling me the name of the buyer in a private message, so that I can watch out?

How stressful, I hope you are wrong!

Paranoia is sinking in even further. Yesterday, when the buyer ordered the gig, it stated they were one hour ahead of me (even had 4 p.m. when it was 3 p.m. my time). Now, they are 13 hours ahead of me! And, the profile tells me they’re in Canada.

It’s my assumption that this is a fake account - maybe not meant to drive down my stats but something illegal. I dunno. I really hope I’m wrong but every fiber in my being tells me otherwise.

Guess I’ll just see how this pans out.


This is my exact problem at present. Fake blooming buyers. How it goes for me is:

  • Numerous messages which all sound like they are from the same person, all from new Fiverr accounts. (Also these make no sense like: “I want to increase my sales, I want to know how you can do this in Malta.”)
  • I decline all such requests
  • High-value orders come in from new Fiverr accounts with minimal instructions or: “I want to discuss my project with you.”
  • I cancel most of these but where I can’t due to ratings, I deliver exactly what is outlined in my gig
  • Buyers ask for complete revisions
  • Buyers say: “I don’t like it, please cancel.”

Then more lately, Fiverr has started cancelling these orders for such buyers.

Things are now at tipping point for me, as I simply don’t have time to risk working FOC. I therefore never entertain new to Fiverr buyers and as of now, trying to keep up with St Levels is out the window completely.

If I have a $70 order on Fiverr and a $50 order off-Fiverr where there is zero risk of not being paid, the Fiverr order gets canceled. (If it meets my suspicion benchmarks).

I was managing kind of okay until recently. However, with $2 processing fees, almost all my regulars are now wanting to order in bulk. As a result, earnings are high but my overall sales volume is getting lower. - And simply can’t keep up with me cancelling orders because of scammers.