Just a test, nothing to see here, move along


Continuing the discussion from Limerick Heaven (or Hell):


I did say there was nothing to see here!

Limerick Heaven (or Hell)

I will never get the share badge :’(


I dont think that one works.


Oh. A bit like the profile one that seems to be unattainable because some profile elements can’t be changed?


I guess. I tried a legit share some time back but it never badged me up. Beats me. You should move this thread to forum feedback. Errr… maybe not.


Eh, delete it if you want, it’s not exactly adding anything to the forum.


Dear Emma and Maddie:

Here is virtual proof that the “First Share” Badge is attainable:

Hint: if you click on the badge it tells you how to get it.

Good luck,

P.S. I will forever be remembered as the one who beat Emmaki to the First Share Badge!


But how did you do it??? Which button did you use? The chainlink? Because I’ve used that and nada.


Dear Emma;

I’ll answer that with a callback to the first thing you ever said to me in the Forum:


Warning to Maddie: Watch yourself, or I’ll break out the Fatal Attraction jokes.

All in good fun,


Blaise, you deserve instant forum level 3. If I wasn’t about to pass out from lack of sleep, I’d try to win second.

(No rabbits though, I like rabbits. :slight_smile: )


Forum needs a calendar to mark all memorable badge days!