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Just Achieved Level One Seller Status!

So I just achieved level 1 seller status after less than 3 months!

If anyone would like tips & tricks, I’m a tech-based article writer - If you’re wanting help on how to get your gig getting noticed etc.

Question for other sellers out there, How big is the jump from Level 1 Seller —> Level 2 Seller, as opposed to the first step to attaining Level 1?




Congratulation… :smiley:

Hey Haris, really glad to see that you are literally crushing through your way on fiverr May God grant you more success in future.
I just wanna know that it’s been 2 months and i have’nt got any single order i asked me brother to order and leave a review so that it might attract buyers.
Can you help me through it Here’s the link to my gigs

congratulations on the new accomplishment!

Congratulations … :grin::grin::grin: