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Just another creative folk coming from nower

Hello amazing people!

After a while I’m back on fiverr and I create my first gig.

I tried to create more professional profile and I offer clear and honest business.

Check out my gig and tell me what you think.

I want to turn this account into real business

Tell me what should I improve

Love u all!

Definitely cool! You should offer 3 different options as then the buyers will have more choice. I am still waiting on my first buyer for my professional logo so well done on the orders!

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I made few changes. I’m not sure about this 3 packages thing.

Check my gig again and help me to create description that can lead me to top rated seller.

I’d suggest reading the tips already provided to help you write your gig description. You can google it, search in the forum, or take a Fiverr Learn course.