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Just another day at the office

I completed four 5* orders + tips for a new buyer. Everything was “fantastic” and “awesome” throughout, the files went through, got printed, were still “fantastic” and “awesome” after that.

Then the buyer wanted to place a new 24-hour order with new updates (separate job, updates out of the scope of the initial order). I’m not physically able to do 24-hour deliveries which I informed him about along with the date when I would be available.

The tone changed immediately, suddenly it turned out he had issues the entire time with all of the 4 orders and my attitude. Nothing of the sort was mentioned when the orders were in progress or after they were completed (again, everything was “amazing”).

I mentioned the design got complimented by the buyer both when it was delivered and when it was printed and the person went: “Well, it wasn’t good!” Then he told me to never contact him again (like I was going to).

My point is, why would someone continue to work with a person they’re strongly dissatisfied with while pretending that they love everything unless it’s an elaborate chargeback scheme? Masochism? The orders were placed overtime, not all at once. We could have been done after the first one. The source files were included so he could just easily take the project elsewhere. I wouldn’t have 4 cancellations looming over me right now.

I reported the user in case the situation escalates and received a bot response with two standard answers slapped together (“we’re sorry you had this experience” + “but we can’t force the buyer to accept the delivery” ones).

I usually have a good hunch on potentially problematic clients but this one totally fooled me. The main issue I have with fiverr is how unprotected it makes me feel when something like this happens. The only thing I can do is to sit tight and hope it was all just an emotional outburst and we’ll never meet again.


A lot of people are just outright nasty. I recently had an experience off-Fiverr. A new client wanted to negotiate a price on regular cryptocurrency articles. The minimum I would go down to was $25 per article. I delivered 10 orders and the buyer was very happy. Then came the personality flip.

The buyer told me that my content was awful. They then informed me that their in-house writers had advised that my content was worth $4-$7 per article. I could accept this new rate and complete 10 more articles, or my buyer would be forced to review my past orders to reflect the poor quality of what i had delivered.

Talk about blackmail.

Long story short, the buyer shouldn’t have done this. The content which I had delivered was posted on a very authoritative site. I reported them to the freelance platform. Because an article which I had delivered had been published but not paid for, I then also contacted the hosting site and requested its removal. It then transpired that the person they thought was writing their content was being paid $1,000’s a month as a lead writer.

In one swoop, I obliterated this persons career. - And it was all for the sake of their unrestrained greed and belief that they can treat people like dirt. Providing, of course, that there is a computer monitor between them and their moral compass.

People like this are almost always middlemen. In some cases, they are the middlemen of other middlemen. They flip from pleasant to poisonous as part of an established long-con business tactic. Specifically, one which they use to get work free or at a shockingly low rate.

On Fiverr, I can usually weed out these people if they message me first. In every case, though, sellers are completely unprotected. Part of flipping to poisonous is about starting to create a paper-trail of communications in which sellers risk responding angrily. When that happens and a buyer reports such a conversation first poof goes your career.

Given the above, I now stop all communication as soon as problems start and contact CS. It is the only way to really neuter problems before they start.


Hm, pretty certain I read that in some other post already today and my thoughts were exactly what you wrote in the parentheses.
Well, I fear there’s not anything I can do other than say I’m sorry you had this experience :wink: and … are reviews for buyers going to show up on their profiles only from when that will be applied or retrospectively too? …

Hope the rest of your day will make up for that. :tea:

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The thing is we exchanged 5* on all the orders. Because when the orders were active everything was fine. For weeks at a time everything was fine. I mean, if I’d agree to take the urgent project we’d be through an order number 5 right now and I’d have no idea a person had a problem with me the entire time.

It just makes my head hurt the more I try to make sense of it.

Thank you. <3 Have fun with your fiverr call. :slight_smile: I’ll sure try to with mine.

One of the reasons I am scared to come back to Fiverr fully. Fraudulent customers can attack at any time!!

Just gotta take them on the chin.

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That’s just a beautiful piece of writing, let me tell you. :slight_smile:

Didn’t CS remove the “report the abusive behavior” (or something along those lines) from the Help Center? I couldn’t find it. I mean, “abusive” is too harsh for this particular situation at this time but it’d be the most suitable category for the given situation from those available.

But you see, this is where plastering a huge flag of my country on the profile preview comes to bite me in the backside in more ways than one. Because now along with getting buyers who think: “what she does really works for our brand, we should hire her” I get quite a few of buyers with “hello, fellow countryman” mindset who I’m sure expect a more personal level level of communication and are less concerned about the actual technical specs of what I offer. Which is where this strange personal undertone came from with this buyer in particular, I feel like. It’s happened for quite a few times already since the update and I’m really not looking forward to have it happen again.

definitely you are right, i don’t know why people are doing such things

Don’t tolerate abusive people ever. Don’t allow them to steal your joy. I try to be professional as possible and not let someone’s abuse get to me, but I absolutely refuse to work with people who are demanding, abusive and nasty. Don’t care how much money they offer me for the project.


I call Cy, Mr. Loquatious! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I read all of his posts just to find such jewels. :wink:


This is an usual scenario that reads two ways:

  1. The customer is trying to force you a discount or get free work.
  2. Some ugly people think that the best way to prove themselves is underminining others works, making false assessments or attacking others reputation. Those “advisors” are a pest, a good businessman should erradicate them from their teams the sooner the better, or they can ruin an entire project. The good thing is the satisfaction you get when you expose them. For example, one customer not long ago told me that my translation was copied from Google Translator, and he wanted to start a dispute. I politely explained that he was just wrong, and proved it using two paragraphs, one from Google Translator, and one from the actual translation I delivered. Then he told me than it was his “loyal friend from Mexico” who told him that, and he was sorry. Imagine the face of the “loyal friend” when my customer showed him my document proving that all was a malicious try to trick him into I was a scammer. The reason behind that? I really don’t know, nor cares. But yes, there are some people that are just plain loosers and we have to face them from time to time.

PS: I bet the “loyal friend from Mexico” of my customer wanted to get hired as translator… and now is not loyal, nor friend… :wink:

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