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Just **Another** Fiction Writer

Mar 11 2021
Hiyo, I am Graced_Villain and I am a writer. I like writing stories, reading books and studying (just a tad bit, nothing too extra) and I am currently open for business.
My situation? I am college hunting, there is barely a year left and I have plans that don’t necessarily fit my pockets as of current.

Through this platform… I hoped to, at the very least, gauge my abilities as a writer for someone. Also hold a tiny bit of expectation for profit but that is kept quashed for probable reasons and for my sake.

As for the rest… I guess I will keep living and doing stuff, hopefully for the better of myself, I do seem to be damaging myself enough on my own, no need for the world to do much of anything else (lol).

Anyway, this is me, a writer for hire. You are you and I look forward to your story. pun, if applicable, intended


Hello Graced, this is Kayas Hossain (who I’m is not that important, lol) I love fictional stories and happy to see you here. Welcome aboard mate.

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Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome! Another writer/editor here! I’m new(ish) to Fiverr also but not new to writing :slight_smile:

Editing and ghostwriting can be a tough gig, depending on how attached your client is to their draft or concept, and how willing they are to accept changes. Also, be prepared for prospective clients to expect you to give them a Stephen King book in three days for less than a cup of coffee. Don’t give unlimited revisions, or you’ll be there forever and not get finished.

The best advice I can give is to know your worth when pricing, stick to it and be clear on the terms of what you are delivering. If a client wants to pay you nothing for a job, then it’s not a job you want.


Hello Kayas! Thanks for the warm welcome, I look forward to a time well spent.

Will do! I still need to check out some of the other stuff here as well.

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If a client wants to pay you nothing for a job, then it’s not a job you want.

Thank you janeeditor, that is absolutely true. Your advice is much appreciated, I’ll do my best to include it in my workings.

As for the toughness of this gig, well, who doesn’t like a challenge?


Welcome form new world. keep work us and Enjoy your self

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