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Just another frustration rant

HI guys, hope you’re doing good.

I’m having a tough time with Fiverr and with CS and with everything. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
At least I wanted to write something about that. It helps to relieve the stress.

The situation is, frankly, quite stupid. I had an order a few days ago (I do composition and music production). The buyer asked for a ballad song with a very specific set of instructions. I love my work, and I took this very seriously. We talked a lot about this project before ordering, bouncing ideas, checking reference tracks and his material. I took a legitimate interest in this order, paid attention to all of the details, as I always do. Once everything was on point, I made a custom offer and we started. It is worth mentioning that we’re talking about top-rated buyer here.

A couple of days later, out of the blue, buyer deletes his Fiverr account, and order was automatically canceled. More than three days were left on the clock and nothing has been delivered yet. I just finished a nice 45 sec sample to present to him, when I saw this. :angry:: :astonished:

As a result of this cancellation, my order completion rate has dropped severely. I didn’t do much work during the summer, so I had 3 orders in the past 60 days including this one. After this happened, my completion rate dropped from 100% to 67%.

Of course going back and forth with CS didn’t help at all, but I had to try something. Getting responses like “as soon as you start delivering more orders your rate will improve” was exactly what the doctor ordered. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Yeah, no s@!t! My current score is 2 out of 3 orders = 67%, In order to avoid demotion I need at least 9 out of 10 = 90%. It means I need seven more successful deliveries, just to cover for this one by the next evaluation. Seven!!!
How, the heck, am I to produce 7 tracks in less than a month. Where’s the quality in that, reviews, pricing, communication, revisions and so on. All of that if I can get seven orders in the first place. This is ridiculous!

It is so unfair.
I wasted my time and effort, lost revenue, and of course, I’m more than likely to face demotion, meaning, more stress and less work. It’s just great.

Cancellations policy clearly states “Fiverr is aware that some cancellations are inevitable; therefore, those types of cancellations will have a lower impact on your performance scores that affect your ranking.”
How the !@#$#% was I to avoid this cancellation. I wasn’t but still, my rating dropped, and CS is not able to help me at all.

Sorry guys for the rant, but I’m so mad.
This is just one of many cases where a seller or his practice has nothing to do with the cancellation but still suffers the consequences. I understand that cancellation should affect order completion rate, and I’m all for that. But when things like this happen, it must be excluded from the index.

Sorry again, hope you have a much better day than I do.


You will need 7 more orders in this 60 day period to get to 90%.

Sorry this happened to you!

The analytics percentages are very much against sellers who get less than ten orders in any 60 day period.


Or he violated the terms of service like he may have done a PayPal or credit card charge back on some other unlucky seller’s order, which gets one’s account suspended.
Unfortunately, that happens sometimes, and top rated buyer only means someone spent a minimum amount of money as far as we know, and not even that much.

I’m sad to hear support didn’t reset your rating. They really should and I hope they are still working on fixing the unfair bits of the (not so new anymore now) rating system.
A few of us have posted that cancellations which only recently would have reflected in our stats, did not lower our ratings. We’re all hoping it’s a move to a more differentiated cancellation policy and not a lucky bug we had. :thinking:

Hope you’ll get enough orders to offset this cancellation soon.
Maybe share your gig to your social media if you have, to get your rating and ranking back on track again faster, perhaps some people you know might like their own song, who knows.

Hope you’ll have better luck going forward, it’s especially mean when those things happen right at the start.


I need seven more successful deliveries until the next evaluation, and that is less than a month away.
If I’m not able to deliver, I’m going to be demoted.
For what? It’s not even my fault!!!
It’s crazy.

Work that I do is not something you do in a matter of hours. It takes days to produce a musical track, sometimes weeks. It’s very delicate work that often requires back and forth communication with a buyer.

Especially in this type of cases, where it has nothing to do with the seller.

Sometimes things don’t work out and we have to cancel the order. I’m fine with that, and I always do my best to avoid it.
But this!?
This is completely ridiculous.

Best part, we can’t do anything about that. :rage:

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Yeah, I know. There are almost no criteria whatsoever for this rank.
It’s meaningless to have top buyer ranking that is so easily achievable.
There should be much more transparent and better system with multiple levels.
Same as the sellers.

Thank you, I surely hope so.
I’m doing my best. I explained everything on multiple occasions, cited the cancellation policy, asked a bunch of questions. I still got nothing, but I’m hoping to get any kind of help.

I am a TRB, and I have only made a little over $100 in purchases on Fiverr. Mostly from the same seller, so do not put too much stock in TRB.:slightly_frowning_face:

I agree with @miiila on this. :confused:

I am sorry you had this unfortunate experience. Best of luck :four_leaf_clover: as you continue on Fiverr.


Yes, I know. It’s my exact point. This rank doesn’t mean a thing.

Thank you so much, I appreciate it.
Best of luck to you too!

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And soon some experts here will start blaming you to not read the mind of buyer before placing the order, you were supposed to have mind reading power to know which client going to cheat before taking the orders.


very sad to read this, yes this is one issue out of many!

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My psychic skills are not on point these days.
Maybe I should invest in it a little more if I want to run a successful business on Fiverr.

Thank you guys for the support.
I was so pissed with the whole situation, still am.
It helps at least to talk about it with you.